5 Horse Riding Goals from Georges Dewez

How to ride better and develop the art of horse riding in harmony and balance with your horse is a life time pursuit and goal for most riders. Horse riding with poise and elegance requires skill, dedication and fitness.  The illusion of doing nothing whilst doing everything is one which Georges Dewez carries off with consummate ease but he has devoted a lifetime time to developing his skill and knowledge.

Five horse riding goals by Georges Dewez

Whether you are a dressage rider, a show jumper, an eventer, hunt, ride in endurance or just a horse rider who happily hacks round the lanes, riding to aid your horse to carry you without being a burden should be your goal.

Your horse is not an arm chair, not a seat, it is a living being whose spine you sit upon and you owe it to this amazing animal to understand how to ride as a partnership which will help not hinder.

No one can tell you how to ride in a short article but next time you have the privilege of sitting on your horse ask your self are you achieving these 5 horse rider goals.  If you are then you are well on your way to making your horse stronger by 15 years of age rather than weaker and we applaud you.

5 Horse Riding Goals to Make you a Better Rider

1. Poise – Do you have poise on your horse?

Without achieving total control of your body it is impossible to develop independent, still hands which don’t tug or pull on the horse’s mouth – this is the only way to establish a really clean contact with the mouth of the horse.

If you feel like you tug on the reins or you need the reins for stability when you ride then you have to develop your poise and control of your body so you help your horse.

2. Go with the movement – Do you move with the movement of your horse or against it?

Your upper body needs to be stable and striving for perfect timing with the paces of the horse. If you find yourself behind the movement or you lose your balance and become out of time with the movement of the horse then you need to work on your core stability and strength. You will need to find a way of being in time with the movement of the horse. Exercises on the lunge help here as you don’t have to worry about steering, you can concentrate on only yourself and the way you move and sit as the horse moves.

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3. The seat – Is your seat loose and in balance without gripping?

The way you sit upon the horse influences the horse immensely.  The seat has to allow the lift of the hindquarters and not sit against it. Do you sit heavily or lightly? Are you loose or tight? Loose and flexible hip joints should allow the feel of each hind leg kicking independently. To achieve this allow the leg to drape softly around the horse not gripping with the knee or the thigh. Really think as you ride about opening your hips and knees so that the horse has space underneath you.

4. The hands – Are your hands correct for each pace?

Your hands must be still in trot. As you rise ask yourself do my hands move and rise with me? If they do then work on keeping them still whilst maintaining a soft arm.  Your hands however must follow the movement in both walk and canter so that the contact remains elastic throughout.  If you don’t follow the movement of the horse’s head in these two paces then you will create tension in the horse and a contact that is not even and constant.  The ability to have an elastic contact relies upon having poise, working with the movement of the horse and a having good seat.

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5. The mind –Are you constantly listening to your horse and what they are telling you?

Great riders look as though they are one with a horse which is balanced and happy.  This is because they are listening to and noticing everything the horse is telling them through movement and acceptance of the aids.

To be a truly great rider you need to develop the ability to really focus and listen to every nuance offered by the horse. Understanding with your mind when there is tension or when there is harmony will allow you to change your poise, your movement, your seat and your contact to respond to these nuances.

About Georges Dewez

Georges Dewez is a true master horse rider and in hand specialist who has been riding and training horses for 40 years.  He runs the Carreg Dressage horse training facility with his partner Jane Lloyd Francis in a beautiful, secret valley near Machynlleth in Powys, mid Wales.

Originally from France Georges trained with riders from the Spanish School at Lippica in Slovenia, which was originally the stud of The Spanish School of Vienna. As a young boy he rode with the Guardians of the Camargue in the South of France.

However, the greatest influence on his riding and training methodology remains the great Maestro Nuno Oliveira, with whom, Georges was fortunate enough to train in Portugal. He was greatly inspires by The Maestro’s quest for ever greater lightness and balance, the artistry of his riding and continuing this work has been is lifetime focus.

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