About the Forageplus Team

meet the forageplus team intelligent horse nutrition

Our team of dedicated employees are here to serve horses and horse owners all over the UK and Europe as the Forageplus team.

The Forageplus team mission statement is:

To promote whole horse health using the ideas of the leading horse educators around the world.

To create value and make a difference to equines and their horse owners through good science and information that works.

Working together to try to make a big difference to horses all around the world is a passion of every member of the Forageplus team.  Every horse and every owner matters to us.  We aim to have the highest standards in all that we do so that our customers are constantly surprised and impressed.

All our employees are involved in constant professional development from learning about the latest nutritional science to attending clinics on correct horse training and biomechanics.  Our company is about whole horse health, our employees believe in whole horse health.  We are experts in barefoot horses but we also have employees who don’t ride barefoot horses.  We sit on both sides of the fence feeling that owners know what is best for their horses and have the right to choose the best.  Choosing the best is about access to information the Forageplus team is passionate if not obsessed about information.

We believe that learning is our journey, the whole horse our passion. Forageplus has a commitment to sharing that journey, sharing that passion and sharing our knowledge with customers so that they can then choose the best for their horses.

Meet the Forageplus team

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