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Calling horse owners and riders to be part of our Forageplus ambassador community and earn credit to buy anything on our website. Just tell your friends and followers about our amazing horse feed approach and share your referral code through our website on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by email.

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If you are under 16 years of age please fill in this form for parental permission

Could you become our equestrian ambassador?

Whether you are a happy hacker, have passion for teaching your horse tricks from the ground, competing as a dressage rider or experienced event rider we would love you on board show casing our products.

We are looking for riders who love showjumping, endurance and horses you will love being part of our #teamforageplus and #poweredbyforageplus ambassador fun and using all the wonderful things you can save up for.

You could be an amateur rider or an experienced professional. Just use your social media channels or email to share your referral code and promote our brand and philosophy in feeding and health.

If you don’t have any social media accounts then tell your friends at your yard or email them about our range of products matched to grass and hay.

How does our brand ambassador scheme work?

Sign up for an account with Forageplus, use the referral page and away you go

Earn £10 for every friend you refer just tell them about the power of Forageplus. Your friend gets 10% off – you get £10 after their first purchase. Credit will appear in your Forageplus account referral area.

Use your referral account to accumulate money to spend on any products on the Forageplus website. You can choose to swap your credit for forage analysis, horse feed, saddle pads, t-shirts, jackets, saddle pads, horse rugs or even our fantastic cross country set. Use your account to treat yourself or your horse. We know you are both worth it.

If you are under 16 years of age please fill in this form for parental permission

Start being a Forageplus Horse Ambassador here

Terms and Conditions – Ambassador Programme

Forageplus Refer a Friend has been created in good faith for the benefits our customers as a ‘thank you’ for recommending us. As such, we know the majority will use it within the spirit in which it has been designed to refer genuine new customers. Nevertheless, anyone found to be abusing the system will have their account closed and all Forageplus credit removed from their account immediately. We use the latest technology to detect abuse of our referral scheme and abusers will be detected instantaneously.
Only one Referral Code allowed per customer.
Only one Referral Code allowed per billing address.
Only one Referral Code allowed per shipping address.
Any referral where the intention is to abuse this scheme will not be accepted – the referred customer and the referrer cannot be the same person for example using a different email address, the same billing, generating new email addresses, making up a customer name or using different IP addresses with the intention to defraud Forageplus.
Where our system picks up a fraudulent order, and a 10% discount used, a £5 processing fee will be charged when a refund is made.
Where Forageplus ships an order which has been placed under fraudulent intentions then the customer will be liable for payment of shipping and any other cost incurred by the Company.
The Referral Code must be entered by the new customer at the time of payment. Forageplus is not liable if the code is not entered at this stage, or, if it is entered incorrectly or it is invalid due to being used beyond the 4 week expiry date. No monies will be due for incorrect entries.
New customers must spend £65.00 or more on their first order to receive 10% discount and for £10 to be credited to the Referrer.
£10 credited to the referrer will be used on the next order above £20.
Amounts credited per referral are subject to change with no notice period required.
Discount offered to a new customer using a Referral Code is subject to change with no required notice period.
Forageplus referral credits are non-transferable and can only be used against purchases on the Forageplus website.
Forageplus reserves the right to withdraw the Referral Scheme with no required notice.
Forageplus reserves the right to void any transaction where a Referral Code has been used.
By sharing this scheme with your friends you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions
Forageplus’ decision is final and there is no right of appeal.

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