How to Analyse Grass if your Horse Grazes a Number of Different Fields?

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If you want to analyse grass a horse grazes then Forageplus can answer your questions.

Many people have a number of different fields or paddocks that their horse may graze upon.  Some people will have summer fields where their horse grazes.  There are often different fields where your horse will graze for the winter.  How do you analyse grass if your horses grazes a number of different fields?

Analyse Horse Grass

You should think about how long your horse spends on each field or pasture. Depending on how long your horse spends on each area will determine if you need to carry out more than one mineral analysis.  If your horse spends more than 3 months in one field then consider carrying out a test for each individual field.

If your horse regularly rotates the fields more often than 3 months then you can probably collect samples from each area or field and mix them together to form one sample which will show a representative level of the minerals in the grass your horse eats over time.

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Fields even close to each other can vary enormously in the levels of minerals in the grass. This is often to do with plant species variety, pH levels, type of soil, how the land has been used historically and whether the land is prone to flooding or very compacted. So if your horse spends long periods of time in one field before moving to another then carry out separate samples.

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Remember when you analyse grass a horse grazes the samples have to be representative. If you can’t collect a representative sample because your grass is too short then consider using one of our ‘forage focused’ horse feed balancers which have been formulated against statistical analysis of the hundreds of forage samples we tested for our clients. Our balancers are nutritionally focused supplements rather than broad spectrum, cover the usual deficiencies in UK forage and are matched to NRC minimums and ratios.

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