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Horse Forage Analysis, Understanding Dry Matter

When you purchase horse forage analysis of grass, hay or haylage it is important to make sure that a dry matter figure is included on the report.  Find out in this article how to understand what the dry matter is and how knowing the dry matter content of the grass or hay your horse eats […]

Which Wormer for my horse?

Worming can be a very confusing subject. People often ask which wormer for my horse? We list here the wormers available on the market by active chemical rather than the trade/brand name. To answer the question which wormer for my horse get used to reading the label to determine which chemical is the active ingredient […]

Should you Feed your Horse Seaweed?

Should you feed your horse seaweed? Is seaweed healthy for your horse? Many people allow horses free access to seaweed, others feed only a small amount or none at all. This article will give you information about why feeding seaweed to your horse should be carefully considered. When to supplement seaweed to horses and why […]

No Horse Laminitis ECIR Group Conference

N0 horse laminitis is the goal of each ECIR Group conference. The ECIR Group lead the way in horse laminitis study through disseminating information that can help metabolic and endocrinopathic horses.  ECIR is committed to providing high-quality information to achieve no horse laminitis, with scientific backing and real-life experience. Forageplus attended No Laminitis conferences both […]

Managing PPID (Cushings) and IR

All information was taken and obtained from attendance at ECIR No Laminitis conferences. If you want to seek more help and facts about identifying and managing Cushings and IR in horses click here Managing Cushings Disease Equine Cushings disease is controlled by the medication Pergolide, this is only available through a veterinary prescription and is generally only […]

Schoeneich Horse Straightness Training

Find out about the next visits to the UK by Klaus Schoeneich for horse straightness training. Our top tip for having a calm, relaxed, well muscled and athletic horse capable of performing in any discipline and staying sound is to check out the work and equine training of Klaus Schoeniech. Klaus Schoeneich is a true master with a […]

Protein and Amino Acids

Do you understand protein and amino acids for horses? This short article helps you understand what protein is and what amino acids your horse needs for whole horse health. Proteins are literally life and are possibly the most important substances in the body. Protein is the building blocks for life, and when new tissues are […]

The Importance and Benefits of Lysine for your horse.

Lysine is an essential amino acid often short in horse grass and hay.  In this article Forageplus discusses the importance of lysine for horses which is an essential amino acid contained in the protein found in the horse’s daily diet. The article explains why good levels of lysine supplementation are necessary for all horses but […]

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