Bog-pony is less spooky!


Meet Bog-pony and Kitty who after competing up to elementary dressage and proving themselves in unaffiliated classes, have made the jump to affiliated competition. They are definitely not shy of a challenge. The Bog-pony and Kitty have begun to learn half pass and have even started working on flying changes (these are very exciting) . So with this Kitty can officially say she has completed her ambition…. earlier this year she and Bog-pony rode their first medium test and Kitty hopes to progress on to possibly even attempt an advanced medium in the foreseeable future – there’s nothing like being ambitious! Kitty believes in her small pony (don’t tell Bog this, she thinks she is 17hh), and big dreams!

Early on this year Bog-pony started on Forageplus Performance Summer Balancer after a diagnosis of early Cushings Disease and this was a progress report we received just a few days ago.

“A quick update to let you know that we are still thrilled with the Forageplus Performance Summer Balancer – definite converts!

The move to equal weights of oats and beet pulp with the balancer has been a great success…watching the subtle changes in Bog-pony is fascinating, the change in fat ‘distribution’, the best concavity to her hooves she has ever had….actually she has never had any in her front feet previously!

Little differences in movement and how she is striding out better on more challenging surfaces/ working happily on the harder ground, but best of all, and possibly not a change we were expecting, is the reduction in spook/teleport manoeuvres!!!

Forageplus helps Bog Pony

My daughter has had the best summer ever with this pony and that is due in no small part to our following the Forageplus advice.

Heartfelt thanks yet again from both of us.

Thanks again for all help and advice”

Johanna Dowell and a happy Bog-pony

If you would like to follow Bog-pony’s progress both at home and out competing in affiliated dressage then please go to, like the page to show your support for a small pony who has been through thick and thin with her owner and rider, Kitty Dowell.

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