Mycotoxins and the horse

Find out information about mycotoxins and the horse.  Learn about what mycotoxins are, how you can reduce exposure to them.  Understand whether testing will give you answers to mycotoxin exposure and help your horse. All horse owners work very hard to provide their horses with the best possible feed but mycotoxins almost always present and […]

Glucose in Egusin SLH and 250

Some owners can be concerned that the Egusin products contain dextrose/glucose. Dextrose/glucose are included in the Egusin products to increase the uptake of salts and minerals from the intestinal lumen. To allow you to understand the impact that this small amount of sugar might have on your horse we have explained what the amounts mean […]

Adaptogens and Digestive Health

Adapted from an article by Christine King, BVSc, MACVSc, MVetClinStud Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) remains a serious problem in racehorses and other performance horses. Sometimes in overt ways, but often in more insidious ways, it robs both horse and owner by compromising the horse’s appetite, feed efficiency, condition, comfort, and willingness to work. Were […]

The Egusin Concept Helping Ulcer Prone Horses

EGUSIN SLH® powder & EGUSIN 250® pellets are natural dietetic feed supplements which have been demonstrated to be beneficial in promoting a healthy stomach and an aid in preventing the destruction of the stomach lining associated with gastro-intestinal disorders. Egusin products help support ulcer prone horses, affect all parts of the digestive tract, stomach fore and hind gut. EGUSIN® supplements contain a combination of ingredients that not only address the primary […]

Accupressure Video for Equine Ulcer Risk

Want to know if your horse might be at risk from gastric ulcers? Watch this video to use acupressure points to determine your horses level of sensitivity.     NOW WHAT! Read this research paper on Egusin SLH and 250, a cost effective way to support the health of the equine digestive system very simply and very […]

Equine Ulcers

In my opinion there are only two kinds of horses: those who have ulcers and those who are going to have ulcers. Dr Kerry Ridgway DVM Humans suffering from ulcers are often aware that this condition is either caused by the food they eat or their working conditions, these circumstances are similar to horses which […]

Egusin – stories by customers

Thrilled with the results from Egusin SLH and 250 We have been using Egusin SLH and 250 with our own horses for a while now and have been thrilled with the results. Most of our herd are rescued horses and are all now looking very happy and comfortable with Egusin added to their diet. Sylvia […]