Magnesium for Horses Wednesday Coupon Code

Magnesium for horses, 20% discount coupon available for 24 hours on 1 kg and 3kg refill bags. Forageplus magnesium oxide is sourced for it’s high purity, low iron content because magnesium is always short in the grass, hay or haylage a horse eats. This means supplementation is crucial to maintain and support good health.  Magnesium is especially […]

Mycosorb 20% Discount Coupon

Mycosorb is a patented yeast cell wall extract for daily inclusion in your horse’s feed.  It is rich in glucans that are known to bind mycotoxins. Mycosorb’s mode of action is supported by extensive published research and the product has been awarded several patents that protect its novel composition and proprietary production. Feeding Mycosorb reduces mycotoxin absorption in […]

Free Shipping on Forageplus Summer Balancers

Free shipping for 24 hours on any Forageplus Summer Horse Feed Balancer including Laminae Plus Balancer for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Offer only available to UK residents. Our range of summer horse feed balancers supply your horse with minerals and vitamins which start with the forage your horse eats. Our balancers are designed […]

Spirulina for Horses – 20% Discount Coupon

Spirulina for horses is a blue green algae which is well documented for maintenance of a healthy immune system to provide a nutritional support for healthy skin and help to maintain normal immune system response to challenges from fly and midge bites. This product is also very useful in helping maintain healthy lungs in response to challenges from environmental […]

Egusin SLH for Horses – 20% discount coupon

Egusin SLH gut balancer for horses supports healthy, immediate fore and hind gut intestinal balance. It also acts to support the maintenance of epithelial cells in the digestive tract, by buffering the effects of excess gastric acid. This concept is based on a unique combination of active neutraceuticals which work with the body’s own defences to […]

Yea-Sacc Probiotic for Horses Coupon Discount

Yea-Sacc probiotic for horses is a live yeast culture based on saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026. Research has shown Yea-sacc 1026 to contribute to the healthy fermentation of feed, enabling more efficient use of the nutrients in the diet. Coupon code coming soon, bookmark this page or join our mailing list. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YEA-SACC […]

Laminae-Plus for Laminitis Prone Horses & Ponies

Forageplus stock a range of equine balancers which supply horse minerals and vitamins for support of laminitis prone horses and ponies. COUPON CODE WILL BE COMING SOON JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO BE ALERTED Our intelligent nutrition approach starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats and matches horse vitamins and minerals, through […]

Free Shipping on Forageplus Winter Balancers

Continue matching your winter horse feed minerals and vitamins to the grass, hay and haylage your horse eats with our free shipping offer which is coming soon. Our intelligent nutrition approach starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats and matches horse vitamins and minerals, through scientific analysis and reference to NRC daily requirements and […]

Hoof & Skin Health Winter Horse Vitamins and Minerals

Forageplus stock a range of equine balancers which supply horse vitamins and minerals for support and maintenance of itch free skin and the healthiest hooves, both barefoot and shod. All our horse feed balancers are formulated using statistical analysis of the many forage samples we carry out. Forageplus coupon codes are issued every other Wednesday. […]

Separates for Horse Hoof Health – Coupon Code Coming Soon

Having strong hooves is important for every horse.  Forageplus stocks a range of separates for horse hoof health.  These separates can be added to our horse feed balancers or used to supplement the diet of any horse needing extra support to maintain healthy hooves. Our coupon code for separates for horse hoof health is coming […]

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