Feeding a Performance Horse

This Forageplus article discusses the best way to feed a performance horse. Horses in moderate to heavy work, competing in sports such as endurance, eventing or racing need food that will supply good levels of energy to support a healthy weight, but in many ways, this is the easy bit. The hard part, when feeding […]

How do I Feed Oats to my Horse?

In this article, we are going to look at the various types and forms of oats and which we feel is the best to feed to your horse or pony. We will be looking into the nutritional values, along with some of the pros and cons of the different types of oats and when is […]

10 Tips for Healthy Winter Horse Feeding

Check out our top tips on winter horse feeding. Making sure your horse has the right balance of nutrients will ensure your horse keeps healthy and active throughout the long dark months. Calories are often the easy part of horse feeding but how do you know what nutrients and at what level they are needed […]

Understanding Horse Protein

Understand horse protein from Forageplus. Good levels of protein in the horse diet will maintain and support health and well being but how much protein does a horse need? Will a horse get enough protein in the daily diet and why is protein for horses important? The health of your horse is affected by many […]

Ten Ways to Know What Minerals Your Horse Needs

How do you know what minerals your horse needs in the daily diet? There are many horse supplements on the market but choosing which one will give your horse the minerals it needs is a difficult one.  Forageplus discusses ten ways to know what minerals your horse needs. Your horse needs the right fuel in […]

Using Forageplus to Feed Balanced Horse Vitamins and Minerals

Horse owners are realising that it is very important to feed balanced horse vitamins and minerals to horses. Forageplus™ is unique as a nutrition company in that we have taken the results of many, many forage analysis sampled from grass, hay and haylage all over the UK and Europe and devised a range of horse […]

Feeding the Young Horse

Discover exactly how to feed a young horse while it is growing up, with advice for a carefully planned approach. Learn how to address nutritional requirements, supply adequate protein and the vitamins and minerals needed to build a healthy, strong, robust and resilient body. How should I feed a young horse? If a horse is […]

Feeding the Pregnant Mare

Feeding the pregnant mare correctly and matching the nutrients to the grass, hay and haylage fed is the best way to build the best foal possible. Without knowing the nutrient levels in the forage fed then it is difficult to know where best to start with protein and mineral supplementation. Here at Forageplus we would […]

Should you Feed Adlib Hay to Horses and Ponies?

Do you have a horse which is a good doer? Do you wonder whether to feed ad-lib hay or whether you should be restricting hay and feeding at a weight level suitable for your horse? Here Forageplus discusses the issue of whether you should give your horse access to free choice hay. There has been […]

Iron in Horse Feed Balancers

Are you interested in iron in horse feed balancers? Forageplus does not add iron to any of our horse feed balancers because iron is always sufficiently supplied in the grass, hay and haylage horses eat. So when we had also been asked on numerous occasions by our clients how much iron there was in our […]

Omega 3 For Horses Importance in Horse Diets

Do you know about omega 3 for horses and its importance in equine diets? Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that cannot be made by the horse’s body and must be present in the equine daily diet for them to be truly healthy. There are numerous sources of omega 3 but which one is […]

Summer Horse Feeding

Summer is almost here and we welcome our horses having more grazing time with the sun on their backs, however, you will still need to consider your feeding during the summer months. What is the best feed for horses when they are in the field? Forageplus discusses a horse supplement approach which starts with the […]

How do you Know if your Horse Haylage is Good?

  Forageplus understands the need to feed good quality haylage to horses but how do you know if it’s any good? Here we discuss what this substance is? How it’s made and how can you tell whether it’s good for your horse? What is haylage? Haylage is the grass that has been preserved by ensiling […]

Salt in Horse Feed Balancers

Do you need salt in horse feed balancers and your horse’s daily diet? If salt is in horse feed balancers will it degrade the vitamins and minerals in the supplement? Forageplus answers your questions here. Dr Lee Proctor is our Technical Manager with a PhD in organic chemistry and a highly qualified pharmaceutical chemist. Here […]

Forageplus Statistics for Horse Feed Balancer

Best balancer for horses The numbers and statistics for horse feed balancers and choosing which one is best to feed your horse can be confusing.  How do you choose the best horse feed balancer? Here we explain how we start with the forage; grass, hay or haylage, we test from all over the UK and […]

Protein for Horses Prone to Laminitis or Good Doers

Have you thought about protein levels for good doer horses or horses prone to laminitis? A client who has a good doer and laminitis prone horse contacted us to check that the sugar levels in the hay, fed to her horse, were low enough to be suitable without soaking. The hay was tested using a […]

Using Forageplus Horse Feed Plans with Forage Analysis

Forageplus™ can devise bespoke horse feed plans using forage analysis of grass, hay and haylage.  We have extensive experience in calculating horse feeding needs using scientific analysis and the daily nutrient levels set by the National Research Council for horses of all ages and type. You will need forage analysis for us to calculate a […]

Using Forageplus Horse Feed Service – What Steps Should I take?

Using Forageplus horse feed service is easy. Horse owners can use our ‘forage focused’™ equine balancers without any kind of analysis or your can use our range of analysis services for a more bespoke horse feed service. If you want to feed our equine balancers because you can’t carry out analysis of your horse hay […]

Using Forageplus – How Much Will it Cost For a Horse Supplement?

Using Forageplus means a ‘forage focused’™ approach to horse feeding where you only supplement the minerals and vitamins needed to match to the grass or hay your horse eats.  This means you get a high quality mineral and vitamin supplement with excellent levels of all the nutrients most needed by your horse. How much will […]

Do I Need a Horse Nutritional or a Horse Mineral Analysis or Both?

If you want a horse nutritional analysis or a horse mineral analysis to test horse grass, hay or haylage then Forageplus™ can answer your questions. Horse Nutritional Analysis In general you would be interested in a horse nutritional analysis of the forage fed if your horse is: Eating hay or haylage (find out why we […]

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