Forageplus Gift Give Aways

Forageplus Gift Give Aways are run through our Whole Horse Health Community email list. To be in with a chance of winning prizes you must be part of our Whole Horse Health Community email list. Simply join our email list and you will automatically be entered into the prize draws Forageplus Gift Give Away Terms […]

Ten Tips for Healthy Horse Feeding in Winter

Winter horse feeding to make sure your horse has the right balance of nutrients will ensure your horse keeps healthy and active throughout the long dark months. Calories are often the easy part of horse feeding but how do you know what nutrients and at what level they are needed in the daily diet to […]

Forageplus Office Information

Forageplus – is a horse nutrition company which starts with the grass, hay and haylage your horse eats The Forageplus office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and is based in Mold, Flintshire, UK.  We welcome visitors and now have new reception area for meetings and customer appointments. Our service to our customers […]

Hay Probe Hire – Terms and Conditions

Description 1.1 An 18-inch stainless steel hay and haylage corer probe forage sampler, for hire in the UK (outside the UK please see 3.2) with a standard adaptor and round shank for electric operation. 3/8″ for use with electric drill (electric drill of ½ hp or 19-volt capacity is recommended, this is not supplied with […]

30 Hay Bale Pallet Delivery Terms and Conditions

Product Specification 1.1 The compressed hay is harvested from a range of very large fields as big bales. These big bales are then stored in an enormous barn to cure out of direct sunlight with good ventilation. The bales of hay Forageplus ships are wrapped upon a weekly basis and they are not sprayed or […]

Top Tips – Mineral Balanced Livery Yards

Coming soon a page to locate livery yards where the principles of mineral balancing are part of the management of horses.  If you know of a livery yard who works with Forageplus who would like to be listed on this page please contact us.

What to Feed Horses Video

Forageplus horse feeding service is founded on a passion for the whole horse. We care about every horse and every horse owner and have a commitment to sharing our learning journey and our knowledge with all equine owners so that they can choose the best possible care for their horses. Watch the video about Sarah’s […]

Duplicate Order System

Here at Forageplus, Intelligent Horse Nutrition, the home of Forage Focused minerals for horses we are always trying to help you save time by simplifying the order process on our website. The more time you have the more time you have for riding and being with your horse! Now you have the option to duplicate your […]

APF Pro – Muscle Building for Equine Athletes

Are you gearing up to the start of your competitive season with your horse? Here at Forageplus we have one horse who will be competing in dressage, and a youngster who will be out and about growing up and building strength at fun rides and local riding club events.  After a trip to the US, […]

Winter Laminitis and the Cold

Here in the UK our winters are long and wet.  We are blessed really not to have too many extremes but it can be relentlessly miserable and this seems to set the scene for some horses to have problems with cold induced laminitis. Many people put these sensitivity issues down to the wet and that […]

Joint Problems in Horses

Do we have the whole story? The January 9th, 2014 edition of UK, Horse & Hound contained an article discussing joint problems in horses and whether joint problems in horses are on the rise. The article was intended to bring experts together, help decide whether joint problems are on the increase and inform owners of […]

Thank You

Thank you for ordering your tickets to watch Klaus Schoeneich teach about functional horse training in Mold. You can bring your tickets printed out or show them on your mobile phone to gain entry. Please make sure you bring a chair and your lunch.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available to buy on the […]

Adaptogens and Digestive Health

Forageplus discusses the use of adaptogens in maintaining and supporting a healthy digestive system in all horses.  A healthy fore and hind gut is vital for top equine performance. The equine digestive system needs to be resilient to cope with the demands of domestication, stabling and performance work which includes work at speed and perhaps […]

Acetyl-L-Carnitine for Horses

Forageplus discusses the use of Acetyl-L-Carnitine with horses. What is Acetyl-L-Carnitine? When should you feed Acetyl-L-Carnitine and which horses will benefit from this supplement? L-carnitine is a compound found in the horse’s body. Acetyl-L-Carnitine for horses can be used in a variety of ways in the daily feed to boost this important compound. Two essential […]

Forageplus Joint-Plus

Support horse joints with a high strength, high quality joint formula with optimum ratios of the most important  ingredients for healthy, functional equine mobility. Buy Joint-Plus Equine Mobility Supplement Forageplus high strength, Joint-Plus equine mobility supplement is a winner when it comes to supplying your horse with useful ratios of all the ingredients which have been shown […]

Enterprizingfootwork – what a laminitis recovery!

This is a story of the power of optimum nutrition, great foot care and awesome management. Well done Louise Parker, now you can sit on your saddle and enjoy!   Thank you to Dr Kellon for all her knowledge which she shares so readily.  The information she has taught us at Forageplus was crucial in […]

Supporting and Managing Equine Arthritis

Forageplus discusses equine arthritis and its support and management.  Find out what exactly arthritis is and the ways in which nutrition can be used to effectively support resilience and health of horse joints. Arthritis can affect a number of different structures within the equine joint.  Horses which have low access to the mineral copper in […]

Ultra Low Iron Equine Balancers

It would be an understatement to say that here at Forageplus we are slightly obsessed by levels of iron in the horse’s diet. we feel that iron is an over supplemented mineral which is already at high levels in horse diets. We are always concerned to reduce iron levels in our products, especially our balancers […]

Laminitis and Abscess Recovery

We have owned Max since he was 6 months old.  He was bred at Torpenhow Warmblood stud on the Wirral and it was clear from day one and his parentage that Max was always going to big a big lad and at 7 years old this year he now has finished his growing and stands […]

Maintaining Sweet Itch Free Skin

This is Nasser who usually is rubbed bald and used to have no mane, but on his Forageplus Hoof Health and spirulina he looks like a different horse and has an impressive mop! The stud we got him from can’t believe how much mane he has grown, as with them he never had any.  In […]

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