Mark Johnson – Horse Hoof Anatomy Course UK


Forageplus are delighted to announce that farrier Mark Johnson will be holding a one day horse hoof dissection course at the Forageplus Warehouse in Mold in August 2018. This course will take place on the Friday before the Pete Ramey Hoof Care Course at Northop Equine Centre a few miles a way from Mold. Find […]

Pete Ramey UK Hoof Care Course 2018


Forageplus is delighted to announce that we will be welcoming Pete Ramey to the UK in August 2018. Sarah Braithwaite will be Pete’s host at a two day Hoof Care Course to teach the basics of hoof health and functional hoof care for all horses. Forageplus are also pleased to announce that Farrier Mark Johnson […]

Light Hands and Functional Training Seminar for Horses


Steve Halfpenny is a horseman who is a dream to watch, listen to and work with. He instills confidence into both horses and owners and has an intuitive feel for the horse, a soft, patient, energy focused method which always seeks to listen. Steve has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a […]

Schoeneich Functional Horse Training – UK 2018


For over 25 years the Schoeneich’s have taught their system of functional horse training at the Centre for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship in Germany. Watch ten horses transform over three days. Learn the power of this training method to teach the horse correct functional movement, build correct muscle, eradicate lameness and create supple relaxed, correct bio-mechanical […]

What to Feed Horses!

What to Feed Horses Presentation Sarah Braithwaite

Join Sarah Braithwaite for a free, informative online presentation on understanding what to feed horses. Find out how in 2006 Sarah realised her dream of waking up in the morning and seeing her horses grazing outside her bedroom window only to watch over the next two years her dream going horribly wrong. She had no idea […]

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