Forageplus Christmas Deliveries and Times

Christmas deliveries and times – Forageplus – plan your horse feed deliveries and horse grass hay and haylage analysis orders. The dates below will enable you to order in time for a horse feed delivery or results of your horse grass, hay or haylage analysis to be available before we close for the holidays. Horse […]

Best Quality Horse Feed Ingredients – Forageplus Promise

Forageplus was founded to care about all horses and owners. Our promise to you is that we will only ever stock and recommend the best quality horse feed, made from the best quality ingredients.  There are several reasons for us being concerned to use only the highest quality ingredients in the horse feed supplements we […]

Forageplus Office Information

Forageplus – is a horse nutrition company which starts with the grass, hay and haylage your horse eats The Forageplus office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and is based in Mold, Flintshire, UK.  We welcome visitors and now have new reception area for meetings and customer appointments. Our service to our customers […]

Remembering Dr Kerry Ridgway

In 2011 I was given an ex-racehorse. They say that horses come to you for a reason. That horse came to me so that Dr Kerry Ridgway would change the way I thought about whole horse health. It turned out, that horse would also cause me to form a friendship with a man who was […]

Forageplus Fast Delivery Service

Forageplus have a commitment to fast delivery of every horse feed order you place with us. The beauty of our web based shop is that you can order 24 hours a day without leaving your stable or your horse and your order will arrive the next working day if you live in the UK.  We […]

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