Research shows horses can talk to us!

Stuck for something to teach your horse this weekend? Well check this out because now scientific research has shown that horses can talk to us using symbols! Horses can talk to us We all know as horse owners that our horses can talk to us in many different ways from pushing and nudging us, to […]

5 Horse Riding Goals from Georges Dewez

How to ride better and develop the art of horse riding in harmony and balance with your horse is a life time pursuit and goal for most riders. Horse riding with poise and elegance requires skill, dedication and fitness.  The illusion of doing nothing whilst doing everything is one which Georges Dewez carries off with […]

A trip to the Schoeneich ARR Centre in Germany

In February of 2016, Sarah Braithwaite and Jo Ellis of Forageplus travelled to Germany to visit the Schoeneich ARR Centre where one of Sarah’s horses was spending four weeks in straightness horse training. This report is a short account of  watching and being taught the Schoeneich techniques for correct movement in horses. Klaus Schoeneich will […]

Schoeneich Functional Horse Training – UK 2018

For over 25 years the Schoeneich’s have taught their system of functional horse training at the Centre for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship in Germany. Watch ten horses transform over three days. Learn the power of this training method to teach the horse correct functional movement, build correct muscle, eradicate lameness and create supple relaxed, correct bio-mechanical […]

Sore backed horse? Saddle or Training Issue?

So you have a horse which keeps having a sore back. To help your sore backed horse you get the physio out, the osteopath, the vet, the chiropractor, the equine body worker.  They work on your horse’s back, it seems to get better but it yo-yos back and forth, sore one day, not so bad […]

Horse Straightness Training Changing Your horse

2014 was the year life changed for both me and my beautiful chestnut Arab CSA Mahrice (Moo) because we discovered the power of horse straightness training. Through a great friend I was introduced to the horse straightness training work at Carreg Dressage and managed to get a lesson with the wonderful Georges Dewez, who has […]

Manolo Mendez, his talent and skill with horses!

Manolo Mendez visited the UK at the beginning of June 2014. This was a unique opportunity to watch him at work with a range of horses and riders of all levels both ridden and in hand. Find out what others have to say about Manolo’s work below. To whom it may concern, Having had the […]

Joint Problems in Horses

Do we have the whole story? The January 9th, 2014 edition of UK, Horse & Hound contained an article discussing joint problems in horses and whether joint problems in horses are on the rise. The article was intended to bring experts together, help decide whether joint problems are on the increase and inform owners of […]

Schoeneich Horse Straightness Training

Find out about the 2018 visits to the UK by Klaus Schoeneich for horse straightness training. Our top tip for having a calm, relaxed, well muscled and athletic horse capable of performing in any discipline and staying sound is to check out the work and equine training of Klaus Schoeniech. Klaus Schoeneich is a true master with a […]

Manifestations of Laterality – Dr Kerry Ridgway

Understanding the “crooked horse syndrome,” is, in my opinion, absolutely critical to every horse’s well being, performance ability and long range soundness. Dr Kerry Ridgway Dr Kerry Ridgway had, in the last three years, been working both as a veterinary clinician and as an educator, regarding laterality expressed as the“crooked horse syndrome.” Through client and horseman education, it was […]