Ten Tips for Healthy Horse Feeding in Winter

Winter horse feeding to make sure your horse has the right balance of nutrients will ensure your horse keeps healthy and active throughout the long dark months. Calories are often the easy part of horse feeding but how do you know what nutrients and at what level they are needed in the daily diet to […]

Omega 3 for Horses – Importance in Equine Diets

Do you know about omega 3 for horses and its importance in equine diets? Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which cannot be made by the horse’s body and must be present in the equine daily diet for them to be truly healthy. There are numerous sources of omega 3 but which one is […]

Ultra Low Iron Equine Balancers

It would be an understatement to say that here at Forageplus we are slightly obsessed by levels of iron in the horse’s diet. We formulate all our balancer products to ensure they contain the lowest iron content we can possibly achieve. We can  describe our balancers as ‘ultra low iron’ and believe that we have […]

Sweet Itch: How minerals can offer support!

The following photos show the progress of a horse which was supported by minerals balanced, by Forageplus, to the forage eaten.  The ratios were carefully looked at to provide optimum levels.  The first photos were taken at the end of March when the horse’s skin was starting to get worse as spring began. This horse had […]

Feeding your horse using Forage Analysis

Would you like to feed your horse a totally balanced diet?

Forageplus intelligent horse nutrition can help you do just that using scientific forage analysis