Frog the Dog – Forageplus Odd Job Dog

Frog the Dog has been working at Forageplus since 2010 and started with Lee and Sarah in the kitchen in her basket next to the table. Even then she was showing promise as one of our most trusted and valuable workers. Frog has a number of key roles at Forageplus both in the office and […]

Dr Lee Proctor – Founder of Forageplus

Lee is married to Sarah and has a PhD in organic chemistry. He is a whizz with an excel spreadsheet and has devised all the Forageplus reports for reporting forage analysis and feed plan information. Lee monitors the company forage report statistics using multi-variant analysis to track statistical levels of nutrients in the forage analysis carried out […]

Larissa Burnett – Forageplus Employee

Larissa joined the Forageplus team in March 2016 as part of our need to grow and have more staff in our warehouse. Larissa works with Terry to organise the stock in the warehouse, weigh out, label, track the batches and make sure there are stocks of products for Daisy and Vicky to ship to our customers. Larissa loves […]

Daisy Dewhurst – Forageplus Employee

Daisy Dewhurst – Forageplus employee works in the office, organising the samples to be sent to the labs, sending analysis reports back to customers, taking telephone orders and messages, and tracking and packing customers orders for horse supplements in the warehouse. She has the following to say about her passion about horses: I am mad about horses. I am originally […]

Vicky Western – Forageplus Employee

Vicky Western – Forageplus employee works in the office, taking your telephone orders and messages, processing orders for supplements and analysis, tracking orders and packing your supplements in the warehouse. She is pretty horse mad and tells you below about how she became passionate about all things equine. I have always had an interest in […]

Terry Madden FEI Endurance – Forageplus Employee

Terry is valuable member of the Forageplus team and is our longest serving employee.  He organises the stock in the warehouse, weighing out, labelling, tracking the batches and making sure there are stocks of products for Daisy and Vicky to ship to our customers. Terry is a passionate endurance rider who trains horses for endurance competition up to FEI level.  […]

Sarah Braithwaite – Founder of Forageplus

Sarah Braithwaite, founder of Forageplus, lives in North Wales with her husband Dr Lee Proctor. She is passionate about horses, horse health, correct horse training and her riding. Since 2000 Sarah has devoted 1000 of hours to learning about whole horse health and nutrition, including human nutrition.  She trained personally with barefoot horse experts Jaimie […]

Rocky and Helen Endurance Stars – Sponsored by Forageplus

Rider: Helen Newton Horse: El Borann (known as ‘Rocky’) Breed: 16 hands grey pure bred Arab Age: 7 years old Helen and Rocky live on Dartmoor, Devon in the United Kingdom Rocky came to me long-reined, lunged and sat on 3 years ago and has been on Forageplus minerals all the time he has been with […]

Jo Ellis – Forageplus Employee

Jo Ellis helps Sarah with Forageplus horse feed plans and horse enquiries. She is an accomplished horse woman and has owned, ridden and competed horses for years. Jo is extremely knowledgeable about horse bio-mechanics and whole horse health. She has spent many years, with Sarah, dabbling in both natural horsemanship techniques and classical methods of […]

Horseshoes and Handprints – Sponsored by Forageplus

Horseshoes and Handprints is a fantastic charity organisation which Forageplus are proud to sponsor. This wonderful organisation uses horses and animals to help many people, adults and children with special needs. Many difficulties and conditions are helped by a reduction in anxiety levels. Horseshoes and Handprints do this through a combination of the right physical environment, communication, movement and activities. Small […]