Clare and Bob – The Dressage Team

I just wanted to share  my experience of using Forageplus services and products in a livery yard situation.

I keep my horse, Bob (Felton Regal Rex) in a medium sized livery yard in Cheshire where I have little control over what is done to the pasture or where my haylage comes from. I imagine this is the same as many horse owners. A couple of years ago I also decided to give Bob’s feet a rest from shoes in the winter months. A friend recommended I check out Forageplus mineral balancing to help with foot condition, so I did. This led to me analysing the grass Bob eats so there would be some baseline to work from. I could not analyse the haylage as it comes from different places. I asked around the yard but no one else was interested in sharing the cost but I went ahead anyway. It would have been cheaper to share and Forageplus encouraged this approach. Since then another livery has used the same analysis to balance her horse’s needs.

Anyway, since then I have been feeding extra minerals in the recipe provided by Forageplus and Bob always looks, feels and performs well. I get many compliments on his condition despite the fact that he is grey and loves to coat himself in mud. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable the minerals were and feel happy in the knowledge that Bob is getting the nutrition he needs to perform for me. We do affiliated dressage and recently qualified for the regional dressage to music finals so we must be doing something right!

I’d like to thank Forageplus for their help over the last few years, always there to give advice when needed with follow up care. I would recommend anyone who is on a livery yard to investigate Forageplus services even if you are the only one at first. It’s even easier now the balancers are available and no mixing is required. No excuses 🙂

Kind regards

Clare Whitfield

Find out about the unique Forageplus approach and how it can benefit your horse’s health.

Watch Clare and Bob in action during one of their dressage to music competitions.

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