For over 25 years the Schoneichs have taught their system of straightness training at the Centre for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship in Germany.

In their book ‘Correct Movement in Horses, Improving Straightness and Balance’ (Kenilworth 2007) they explain how centrifugal and sheer forces conspire against the horse who naturally manifests laterality as either left or right fore limb dominance.

They have over the years trained, started or rehabilitated thousands of horses many of whom were lame and had come to the end of the line regarding conventional treatment. Working with all horses from top FEI Grand Prix Dressage horses and ‘problem’ horses to young green horses, their method focuses on ensuring that all horses can move freely and correctly, and thus remain healthy and happy performers throughout their lives.

“Crookedness” is a term which often crops up in horse training but its importance is often underestimated. Once you become involved with it more closely you realize how fundamentally important it is. The Schoneich’s believe that 95% of all problems in the horses action and way of going are caused by its intrinsic crookedness and the effect this has for example on its locomotive system if the crookedness is not corrected.

During this clinic Klaus Schoneich will work personally, for three days, with 10 different horses and riders to teach them how to permanently understand and correct their horse’s balance and movement. He will work over the 3 days both in the round pen and also with riders riding their horse. All horses will benefit from this system. Older horses can be re-trained to find their balance, develop their top line and become calm and sound through reducing muscular tension. Young horses can be prepared to have a strong uplifting back and trained to be straight before you get on them for the very first time.

Herr Schoneich will lecture on the morning of Friday 25th October, using power point presentation and live video, on horse asymmetry and techniques to develop balance and strength. Video of horses at the demonstration will be used to discuss aspects of laterality. On the following two days, he will work with horses and riders individually and be available for spectators and participants to ask questions.

Over the three days you will learn about :Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 09.29.26

Limited spectating places will be available.

Date: 25th – 27th October 2013

Friday - 9.00am - 5.00pmLecture by Herr Schoeneich followed by video assessment of two horses - 9am till 11 am. One horse will be a horse new to straightness training. One horse will be a horse established in the ARR straightness work. This will give clinic attendees the opportunity to see, contrast, compare and understand the Herr Schoeneich's work in more depth. Herr Schoeniech will interact in discussion of their movement and the implications of this movement till 11am. Herr Schoeneich will then work with the remaining horses once, for the rest of the day.
Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pmHerr Schoeneich to work with each horse twice. Where appropriate riders will also have tuition whilst riding. Spectators will be invited to ask questions and discuss what they see as much as possible.
Sunday 8.00am - 4.30pmHerr Schoeneich to work with both owner and horse to teach the owner how to continue with the ARR Straightness Training method. Where appropriate riders will also have tuition whilst riding. Spectators will be invited to ask questions and discuss what they see as much as possible.

Venue: Tyddyn Farm, Chester Road, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 6TA.

Livery available at Tyddyn Farm please contact Sarah Williams for details.

Horse and Rider – 3 days – £360
Spectator – Friday £65
Spectator – Saturday £30
Spectator – Sunday £30
Spectator – Friday, Saturday and Sunday £90
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