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Forageplus can customise a horse diet feed plan unique to your horse in his/her environment. This approach will optimise your horse’s diet with what he/she actually needs at the level of work being undertaken, age or breeding status.

Please note, for our to calculate horse feed supplements which are nutritionally ‘forage focused’. We do not use a broad spectrum supplement approach. The Forageplus approach is to start with the grass, hay or haylage eaten and match horse feed supplements to this.  This ensures a nutrient adequate and mineral balanced diet.

We always work with customers so that if you have hard feed or supplement preferences we can accommodate these too.  Our approach means that the vitamin and mineral supplements for horses are accurate and based not on a scatter gun approach but on actual figures related to scientific forage analysis.

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Once you receive your horse forage analysis results, if you wish us to calculate a feed plan for you just make payment on the website.  A plan normally takes about 10-14 working days for us to devise. We can use analysis results carried out by other laboratories too, just email us a copy once you have placed your feed plan order.


If you order a horse feed plan from us we will look at your grass, hay or haylage analysis report in detail and advise you exactly which vitamins and minerals for horses you need and in what quantities.

Mineral and Nutritional Analysis for Horse Diet Feed Plan

When formulating a feed plan, using hay or haylage, for you we usually need both mineral and nutritional analysis. Both reports are important if you want to be sure of maintaining your horse at the correct weight, having adequate high quality protein levels, have a young horse, have a breeding mare, have a horse in heavy work or have a horse with which may be prone to metabolic disturbance.  Some customers however only choose a forage analysis.

If you wish an analysis of horse grass to be carried out then only minerals are accurate.  The nutritional analysis of grass changes so quickly that nutritional samples are not accurate nor useful in the main.

We will need your horse’s details and will email you our information collection sheet once you have made payment.  Our feed plans include an explanation of the reports, a detailed recipe unique to your horse and other information such as how much salt to feed for sweat loss whilst exercising.

Each plan will give you a choice of either feeding by scoop or by batch mix.  We will supply the scoops you need and instructions on how to create your own custom supplement using separate minerals and vitamins.  We also supply advice on what concentrates will match your mineral profile and information on amounts to feed depending on the work level and age of your horse.

These plans are also useful for youngstock, pregnant or lactating mares giving foals the very best start in life with accurate nutritionally forage focussed supplements.

You can order a feed plan here.

Find out about our analysis services here.

Don’t worry if you are not in a situation to carry out analysis of your forage because we can help you with our range of unique, Forage Focused Balancers.  These balancers have been formulated, to match the common deficiencies as matched to ratios in forage, from the hundreds of forage reports we have on our files.  Our intelligent horse nutrition is based on science, statistics and an understanding of the profile of the greatest portion of the horse’s diet which is forage.


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