10% Discount Horse Feed Balancer Combination

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10% discount on horse feed balancer combination of 25kg or over for feeding horses vitamins and minerals matched to the grass, hay or haylage they eat. Our horse nutrition system starts with the forage your horse eats. Find out more here.

All Forageplus horse feed supplements are low sugar, low starch, highest quality and suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Use coupon code fpbalcombo at checkout

Discount code for combination of Forageplus Horse Feed Balancer

Now you can mix and match your favourite Forageplus horse feed balancers and feed the best horse vitamins and minerals whilst receiving our 10% discount on orders of 25 kg or more.

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10% discount on horse vitamins and minerals from Forageplus

Just decide which combination of balancers you want and fill your basket with 5kg pouches.  Once you have 25 kg or over type the coupon code fpbalcombo into the code box when viewing your cart or at checkout to receive 10% discount on your order.

Use coupon code fpbalcombo at checkout

This offer applies only to orders of 25 kg or more of the Forageplus range of forage focused equine balancers for optimum nutrition for your horse. To use this code you must select 5kg pouches from the drop down menu.  Then enter the code above at check out to receive 10% discount on your horse feed supplement.

Mix and match any number of our Forageplus horse feed balancer 5kg packs in any combination.

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