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FeetfirstTM have made hay for many years for their own horses and ponies. They have a good understanding of the requirements for laminitis prone horses, ponies and donkeys and are concerned to farm the right kind of grasses and manage their land in a way that will grow hay which will not trigger laminitis.

Feetfirst Horse Hay analysed by Forageplus

With a combined ESC and starch level below 10%, Feetfirst hay has benefited horses and ponies prone to laminitis, Cushings, foot sensitivity and behavioural problems associated with dietary sugar. Made from a unique blend of selected Timothy and pasture grasses it is available from College Farm, Inglesham near Swindon in conventional small bales and can be collected or delivered locally. A full nutritional analysis and mineral analysis is supplied to all customers.

Feetfirst Hay for Horses

Feetfirst have committed all the land at their small family farm to producing Feetfirst hay. They don’t produce any other crops so are totally focussed on producing the right quality hay for the Feetfirst hay brand. They take great pride in their hay which they make themselves to their own specification.

Achieving a high target quality is their priority rather than maximising yields. This means they only take one cut of grass per year instead of the usual 2 or 3 cuts from more productive agricultural grasses such as ryegrass.

Ryegrass and clover is not included in Feetfirst hay as they believe these plants are too high in sugar, carbohydrates and protein for most horses, ponies and donkeys.

Feetfirst always manage the grassland with equine requirements in mind. As well as choosing the right grasses, they carefully tailor the applications to improve nutrient density by creating healthy soil. They only apply herbicides if necessary.

They have invested in their own haymaking equipment rather than relying on contractors. This puts them in control of the grassland management and the haymaking process from start to finish, helping them make a top quality hay for horses.

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