Forageplus Coronavirus Statement

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Forageplus is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation. It is affecting our ability to supply the high level of service we have done in the past to horse owners in the UK and Europe. We are not able at this time to say how long this situation will last but will endeavour to keep you updated through this page.

Forageplus Coronavirus Statement

Update 21st July 2020 – Almost back to normal

We are almost back to normal – our analysis services are open and mostly the telephone is being answered quickly.  Where you do get the answering machine please don’t leave a message but do phone again.  Although we would love to pick up every phone call sometimes we haven’t got enough hands or ears.

Shipping to Europe is still restricted to a weight of 21 kg but apart from that most deliveries are not affected.

We are still waiting for Jiaogulan from China but the Milk Thistle is back in.

As the summer rolls on we are looking forward to having the Timothy Hay  back in stock.

We hope all our customers are keeping chirpy and having lots of time to snuggle your horses, in the meantime the Forageplus Team are beavering away to make sure all your products are packed and shipped in our normal efficient way.

Update 19th May 2020 – Struggling through and determined

We are still here, sometimes Sarah has sat on her bale of haylage whilst feeding her horses at the beginning of the day and felt like crying but its only for a moment and then she pulls herself through and a new day begins and out go your orders. We have had some mistakes and we are really short of staff but in the main all you wonderful customers have been very understanding. A big thank you from the Forageplus staff.

We have a big shortage of staff members but would like to give a special mention to Jo who has been dealing with the enquiry emails and any telephone calls that have needed to be made.  She is also processing any analysis reports.  Terry and Geraint have been heroes in the warehouse. Sarah has been the order processing queen.  The king of packing has been Dr P, in between his real job of talking to pharmaceutical companies about a possible drug to help with the COVID-19 virus.  Team work and loyalty to you the customer has certainly got us through these difficult times.

We are starting to experience supply problems with a few specific products. Jiaogulan is going to be difficult to get hold of for the moment as that comes from China.  Our suppliers report that due to continuing movement restrictions it is still very difficult for them to ship this herb to us. Milk Thistle is another product which will be out of stock until June.  This product comes from Africa and again COVID-19 movement restrictions are affecting our supply chain.

We have opened up Nutritional Analysis because we feel it very important that customers can determine if their hay is safe to fed to laminitics.  We are at the moment unable to open up the other analysis but we are reassessing this every week and as soon as we have more staff we will be able to start processing these orders again.

Shipping times are slightly affected in certain areas but you can check these here. Remember that if you are a customer ordering from mainland Europe our shippers will still only allow us to ship up to 21kg.

Update 9th April 2020 – Changes to the weights shipped into Europe

You are still ordering and we are still here working flat out, with reduced staff, to make sure we continue to serve all our wonderful customers and their horses throughout the UK and Europe.

Shipping within the UK remains unaffected apart from some delays.

Shipping to Europe is affected but the situation is changing daily.  Today we had word from our shippers that weights would now be restricted to shipping a total of 21kg in one parcel throughout Europe.  These measures have been introduced to ensure social distancing is maintained and eliminates two man delivery scenarios.

Today’s update on how services are affected in different European countries is here – it makes no mention of the weight restriction but our accounts manager has informed us that parcels over 21kg will be returned to us.  We are hoping that the parcels which have already been shipped will get to you.

You can see DPD 8th April update for European Deliveries here

The daily update page for DPD deliveries is here

If you wish to order 0ver 21kg and you live in Europe we will now have to charge you an extra shipping charge. We really apologies for this and understand that at this time you would really rather not have to pay more but unfortunately we are at the mercy of decisions made for us by the shipping companies.

Be aware that due to being short staffed, we are still not able to take phone calls and ask you to either make your order through our website or email us if you wish to make an order over the phone.  We have opened up our NIR nutritional analysis services as we understand how important it is for owners with horses in laminitic crisis to be able to test the sugar and starch content of the forage they are feeding.

We wish all our customers a Happy Easter and hope that you can enjoy the weather whilst hugging your horses and hoping this will soon be over.

Update 25th March 2020 – We are still shipping and working for you

We have an extremely scaled down staff situation.  We say a massive thank you to members of our staff who have been able to make it in to a work environment where we can maintain a safe social distance and still get your orders packed and sent off via our carriers. The most important thing is to keep our staff safe but still find a way to serve the customers and horses in our care.

If you are wondering if your area is affected by reduced or delayed shipping services then this DPD page will keep you up to date:

We are aware that there will be delays and some areas in Italy are now restricted regarding deliveries. We are keeping informed, checking for you and will be in touch via email or text to let you know if we are unable to ship your order.

Due to the difficult situation expect your order to be delayed and for us to take longer to communicate with you than normal. But we are here, we are working and we are determined to get through this in one piece for you all.

Update 20th March 2020 – How is our service to you affected?

We are having to scale down our operations as of Monday 23rd March 2019 due to Coronavirus.

We have already suspended sales of analysis, grass, hay, haylage and water but will be continuing to process samples and reports that arrive at our warehouse.

We will be unable to take phone calls for enquiries or orders. We will still be accepting orders through our website and shipping out to customers on a daily basis.

We will try where possible to avoid delays but hope you will understand that this may be unavoidable in the coming weeks.

The most important thing is to try to keep a service going where our staff are protected and our customers still continue to be able to receive their orders.  We believe we can do both and apologise for any inconvenience.

Update 19th March 2020

Forageplus will continue to update this page with further information as and when that becomes available. We will continue to trade whilst we can but this will be dependent upon a number of factors:

  • Staff health – we will need to have enough staff to carry out the day to day business
  • Courier services – we are dependent upon both the Royal Mail, DPD and our pallet couriers continuing to operate their services
  • Supply of our raw materials being available

In order to limit transmission of the virus we will be temporarily stopping all sales of analysis testing.  This will take effect from 18th March 2020. This includes grass, hay, haylage, water and soil testing. These services will be resumed when it is safe to do so. If you have an analysis kit which was purchased before this date then we will be able to process it as long as we remain open. However if you can hold on until things return more to normal, then we suggest that is wise as the laboratories testing your samples both here and in the USA will also be affected by the pandemic.

Sales of goods via our website will continue but be aware that we may experience stock shortages beyond our control.

We would ask all customers collecting orders from our Mold warehouse to pay via the website. This will avoid our staff having to handle cash and minimise the possibility of virus transmission. If possible we would prefer that all orders are delivered through our shipping services.

We will continue to actively monitor the changing situation and we are following guidance from Public Health England.

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, it is believed that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water. Forageplus operates the highest hygiene standards and staff have been advised to wash their hands frequently during the working day.

We are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. We take the health and safety of our customers and staff very seriously. We have provided guidance to our staff to help prevent the spread of any infection. We are doing so in line with preventative guidance from Public Health England.

If you would like to check the status of DPD services then this link will provide you with detailed information about any services throughout the UK and Europe which are affected including delays.

This link provides information about Royal Mail services.

We want to thank you for your cooperation, understanding and patience during these uncertain times. We are thinking of you all and hoping you stay fit and well to enjoy and look after your horses.

The Forageplus Team

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