Laminitis and Abscess Recovery

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We have owned Max since he was 6 months old.  He was bred at Torpenhow Warmblood stud on the Wirral and it was clear from day one and his parentage that Max was always going to big a big lad and at 7 years old this year he now has finished his growing and stands at 17.2.

Max began his ridden career as a 5 year old and progressed well, however, like his dam he had always held good condition and to this day lives on fresh air.

Mild Laminitis

In August of 2012 disaster struck, Max had a mild laminitis attack due to his weight, however, with swift treatment we appeared  to get through it! Ironically Max did not display any early warning signs, his feet appeared largely unaffected and he didn’t have any raised digital pulse.


In September he was back in work but things just didn’t feel right, he felt reluctant in his work but had no obvious physical symptoms. Then October came and so did  the abscesses!  Initially he abscessed out his left fore. Within the next two weeks he went through four abscesses, two in each front feet.  The stress, from this repeated abscessing incident, seemed to bring on a further laminitis attack but this time it appeared more severe.  Max looked a sorry state with abscess exit holes in both front feet.  At this point we had his feet  x-rayed which exposed our worst fears – he had rotation in both front feet,  but thankfully his back feet had not been affected .  The main concern from the vet was the risk of infection through the abscess cavities in both front feet.   We decided we needed to strengthen his immunity.

MaxForageplus minerals and meticulous attention to detail

Six months on with a meticulous regime of trimming and balancing his feet every 4 weeks, protecting the new growth with boots, soaking the hooves with Golden Hoof to support healthy keratin and blitzing him with Forageplus minerals, Max has grown new feet!

For years I have always given a broad spectrum balancer to our horses, however, this is now a thing of the past.   After having our forage analysed and balancing minerals to this forage I can see such a difference in all our horses.   As for Max he has gone from strength to strength on Hoof Health with added zinc and copper to balance to our grass and hay.  I have also added glutamine and  beetroot juice all on the advice of Forageplus. I cannot believe how quickly he has recovered his full health and fantastic shine!  Next stop is riding him again and keeping you up to date with his career as a dressage horse!

Amanda Jones and Terry Madden – North Wales

May 2013 update: Amanda and Terry have their old horse back and doesn’t he look amazing! amanda and max

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