Pete Ramey UK Hoof Care Course 2018

Forageplus is delighted to announce that we will be welcoming Pete Ramey to the UK in August 2018. Sarah Braithwaite will be Pete’s host at a two day Hoof Care Course to teach the basics of hoof health and functional hoof care for all horses.

Forageplus are also pleased to announce that Farrier Mark Johnson Dip WCF will also be delivering a fascinating hoof dissection and lower limb anatomy course at the Forageplus warehouse the day before Pete’s two day course begins. This means you can combine both learning from Mark and a weekend with Pete.

Find out more about the Mark Johnson Hoof Anatomy Dissection Course

Pete Ramey - UK Hoof Care Course 2018

About Pete Ramey:

Pete Ramey started shoeing horses in 1994. He was trained by a local farrier and also subjected himself to the deep study of a dozen farrier texts. As time passed, he became acutely aware of the lack of actual hoof knowledge and trimming instruction to be found in the pages of the farrier texts, and there was not enough information on dealing with pathological hooves.

Book after book seemed to be filled with forge work, horse handling, client relations, running the business. Everything but hooves! So he picked the brain of every farrier and vet he could find, and started diving into veterinary textbooks.

Still, the questions in his mind about how to deal with problem hooves were going mostly unanswered.

From the beginning, what had always interested him the most was lameness rehabilitation. Pretty soon, he began to focus most of his energy on rehab work. He bought trailer loads of laminitic and “navicular” horses from the killer market to take home and rehabilitate, and then gave presentations of the resulting case studies to local vet hospitals to build the rehab side of his business.

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As word spread, his business grew to a point that he was taking care of over 600 horses at one time and teaching hoof clinics all over the world.

In 2000, Pete wrote his first book Making Natural Hoof Care Work. He never really wanted to be a writer but was driven by the desire to shorten the learning curve of professionals by providing the how-to of hoof care that previous publications seemed to lack. The book was an enormous success and has helped horses all over the world.

More recently Pete and his wife Ivy assembled the new book Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot and were co-founders of the American Hoof Association.

About the UK Pete Ramey Hoof Care Course

Who will the 2 day course suit: All Hoof Care Professionals, Vets and those concerned with the best functional horse hoof health and recovering hoof health

Where: Coleg Cambria Equine Centre at Northop in Flintshire, UK

When: Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th 2018

Time: 8.30am til 5pm plus

What: The two day course will cover:

The course will begin with a two hour lecture at 9:00am and then there will be four live-horse demos.

On Sunday there will also be a two-hour Q&A session added to the end.

On both days, there will be a thirty minute lunch break (bring your own) around 12:30pm. Please also bring your own chair.

Pete will evaluate and trim each horse, fit boots or pads as needed, and discuss any relevant nutritional and environmental concerns.

You will be responsible for your own safety and expected to be courteous to everyone in attendance. No filming or audio recording allowed — take still pictures and good, old-fashioned notes.

Horses for the Course

Eight horses will be selected to be worked on during the course.

Read the horse requirements page to find out if your horse qualifies

Fill out this clinic horse form if you wish to apply to bring a horse

If your horse is selected as a demo horse, you will be contacted prior to the course. Please note that you will be responsible for paying for the stabling at the venue and taking care of all your horse’s needs.

How to Book and Pay for the Pete Ramey UK Course

Visit this link for payment and booking through Pete’s website

Please also see Pete’s waiver form here – you should print and sign this if you are a course participant


It is highly recommended that all workshop participants watch some of the Hoof Rehab DVD sets (particularly Under the Horse and In the Trenches) and read the book Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot before attending. If participants already have this background information it will dramatically raise the level of the material that can be covered during the day.

Find more information on Pete’s books and DVD sets here

Places to stay

Nice holiday cottage in Mold – book early to secure.

Bed and Breakfast

Holiday Inn – Northop Hall

St David’s Park Hotel – Hawarden

Travel Lodge – Northop Hall

Travel Lodge – Halkyn

Beaufort Park Hotel – Mold

Nearest airports

Liverpool John Lennon


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