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The mineral phosphorous for horses is almost always deficient in the grass, hay or haylage eaten.

Phosphorous is a mineral vital for the strength of bones, energy production and the health of the cell membranes.

Find out about why balancing to the correct ratios of minerals is so important for horse health

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Forageplus minerals for horses

Forageplus forage analysis of horse grass, hay and haylage often shows that phosphorous for horses is at low levels in forage and other minerals, such as calcium, which would act to block the absorption of this important mineral are often high.  All horse minerals must be present in correct concentrations so that the ratios allow the body the optimum absorption rates to maintain and support horse health.

Forageplus does not advise the feeding of separate minerals unless levels have been checked through carrying out a forage analysis.  The ratios of minerals are important and feeding one mineral without supplementing correct levels of another can be detrimental to horse health.  If you are uncertain of mineral levels then feeding either a Forageplus Equine Balancer or carrying out analysis of forage is wise.

Our horse nutrition system starts with the forage your horse eats.

Find out about our horse feeding approach and philosophy

Find out about why balancing to the correct ratios of minerals is so important for horse health

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