Metabolic Support

Horse metabolic support is provided by careful attention to diet. Low sugar, low iron, horse feed supplements matched to grass, hay or haylage manage weight and laminitis prone horses and ponies.

Metabolic support for horses and ponies prone to laminitis

Many horses are classified as ‘good doers’ or ‘easy keepers’ meaning that give them a sniff of food and they put on weight at the drop of a hat.  These horses which are often prone to laminitis need to be managed extremely carefully and the health of their metabolism plays a crucial role in this.

After you have identified your horse as needing metabolic support you should then pay careful attention to diet. This is crucial to both manage weight and nutritional availability.

Many good doers end up on a starvation diet to control calorie levels. The trouble is that in controlling and reducing calories other nutrients vital for health and correct metabolic function are also reduced. In this situation a viscious cycling ensues where the maintenance of a healthy metabolic system is compromised due to a shortage of key nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins.

Using a careful approach of feed matched to that commonly found in grass, hay or haylage Forageplus can offer each laminitis prone horse the right metabolic support.

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