Horse Training & DVDs

A selection of horse training equipment & DVDs by Dr Kerry Ridgway for horse education. Our Klaus Schoeneich straightness training cavesson and equipment will help whole horse health and horse biomechanics.

Horse Training and DVDs

Forageplus is a company engaged with the principle of whole horse health.  Our belief is that for each domestic horse to be truly healthy they need an approach which looks at each area of their life.

The environment they live in; the food they eat; the way they are trained; they way they are ridden; the equipment used to keep them warm and protected, ride them, and train them; all these are crucial to their longevity, comfort, health and happiness.

Forageplus are involved with approaches which facilitate the greatest whole horse health and supply a small selection of equipment and training DVDs to support other owners in the pursuit of the best for their equine friends.

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