Joint Support

We stock a range of horse supplements for joint support for horses. These horse feed supplements provide comfort to an elderly horse and performance horses jumping, galloping and doing athletic movements such as dressage, eventing, endurance and racing.

Joint Support for Horses

Horses are amazing animals with incredible athletic ability.  They were born to move and run with a healthy body able to repair itself quickly. However the domestic horses carries out many unnatural activities and the strain of jumping, galloping and highly athletic movements can impact on joints.

The basics for joint support start with knowing what nutrients are in the horses daily diet.  This means analysis of the grass or hay eaten as this has the greatest impact on the health of the horse. The level of protein, the levels of certain minerals will affect your horses ability to repair and support the health of joint function. Knowing exactly what you need to match to the greatest proportion of the horses diet, grass and hay, means that you will be able to provide insurance for the health of joints.

If you cannot carry out a forage analysis to determine optimum levels of minerals for your horse we particularly recommend our horse feed balancers.  These balancers have excellent levels of zinc and copper which have been shown to nutritionally support equine joints.

We also stock a high specification, high quality joint supplement which can be fed at high and low levels whilst maintaining the correct ratio of the effective ingredients.

Using Forageplus – How much will it cost to feed a forage focused horse feed balancer or bespoke supplement?

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