Nutritional Analysis

Forageplus nutritional analysis for horses tests the nutritional value of your horse hay or haylage. Particularly relevant is information on sugar (ESC and WSC separately) and starch levels for laminitic horses.

Nutitional Analysis – Hay and Haylage for Horses

Forageplus nutritional analysis also measures protein levels and digestible energy levels for horses so that performance horses, breeding mares, young horses, good doers or horses which are hard to keep weight on can be fed accurate amounts of forage for reducing or maintaining weight and health.

We now also provide this report using traditional wet chemistry methods.

Please note that this is purely a report of the nutritional levels in your forage showing percentage and gram amounts in your sample.  It does not include an interpretation or a feed plan.  If you require interpretation of the report and a feed plan to be formulated for your horse then please order this separately or contact us as we often look at reports before advising whether a feed plan is necessary.

Unlike the mineral anlaysis you will be required to post this sample to us at Forageplus. We send full instructions via email once you have ordered.

We work with a growing number of hay suppliers who can provided you with pre-analysed hay and haylage. This is particularly important for those owners with laminitis horses.

Order a nutritional analysis for hay

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