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Horse performance support for horses in moderate to heavy work starts with targeted and focused nutritional support of vitamins and minerals and horse performance supplements matched to the greatest proportion of food. The greatest proportion of the diet should always be grass, hay or haylage.

Performance support for horses and ponies Forageplus


We believe separating energy from nutritional requirements is the smart way to optimise your horse’s health and to improve equine performance.

The conventional way of feeding performance horses with horse performance products centres around a complete mix but this does not allow you to create a bespoke plan for your horse in their environment.

Our horse nutrition approach starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats and allows you to add individual products; horse minerals, horse vitamins, horse amino acids and horse herbs to boost your horse’s nutrition to the maximum. Just adding another couple of kilograms of hard feed mix, whilst adding valuable calories, can never target all horse vitamins and minerals or amino acids at correct levels. Instead you have a scattergun approach which is just not fine tuned enough for optimum performance. Our method allows you to fine tune nutrition and fine tune performance to incredible levels. In turn giving you results of good stamina and high horse performance.

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Using Forageplus – How much will it cost to feed a forage focused horse feed balancer or bespoke supplement?

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