Dr Ridgway – Saddle Fitting, A to Z (DVD)


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Do you struggle to know how to recognise when your saddle fits well?  Do you want to avoid your horse getting a sore back?  Do you want your saddle to fit really well?  This DVD is the most comprehensive saddle guide you will find!

Dr Ridgway was involved with horses for more than 50 years as a veterinarian, an endurance rider who completed the Tevis Cup 10 times, an FEI endurance vet and operating his own integrative veterinary practice in South Carolina USA specialising in acupuncture and equine muscular hypertonicity.  Sadly Dr Ridgway passed away in 2016 but he was an expert on many aspects of chiropractic work in horses and was known throughout the world for being passionate about whole horse health.  He was particularly keen on educating owners to recognise the signs of poor saddle fit and helping them understand how to ensure correct saddle fit.

This 98 minute DVD will teach you the five important steps in fitting a saddle to your horse. You will understand how saddle fit affects the performance and soundness of your horse, and will learn how to evaluate your horse’s posture, balance and back.

After watching Dr Ridgway’s DVD, you will fully realize the importance of not only fitting the saddle to your horse but to yourself and we will show you how to do a simple “white pad test” to see how your saddle fits your horse during work.

You will definitely feel more confident about buying a new or used saddle for your horse!

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