Egusin 250 Horse Fore and Hind Gut Support

Egusin 250 – Gastric Maintenance

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EGUSIN 250® Pellets are a cost effective and successful supplementary nutritional feed product for the ongoing maintenance of a healthy stomach and equine gut.

EGUSIN® 250 supports the maintenance of a healthy equine gut.

  • Buffers the digestive system to maintain a healthy gut environment, which is sustained for maximum effect
  • Re-establishment of healthy mucosa with each application
  • Contains soluble fibres- supporting healthy intestinal function
  • Easy to administer – no waste, easy to top dress
  • Very palatable – mixed into feed concentrates, horses will eat it willingly
  • Can be used in periods of both training and competition – contains no prohibited substances.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 09.17.08How does Egusin 250 work?

  • Supports the healthy function of the stomach and stimulates the appetite.
  • Pectin – supports healthy gastric mucosa membranes
  • Ave-Vita patented whole oats meal with a high content of fibres – has a positive effect on the intestinal system and delays the stomach emptying.

Egusin 250 is a cost effective way to support fore and hind gut health in horses.

Egusin 250 contains a small amount of glucose to increase the uptake of salts and minerals from the intestinal lumen. Please find out about the levels here.

Egusin ® is an affordable natural alternative to other equine gastric regimens.

The Egusin concept includes 2 types of nutritional feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals to support digestion.  Both products support healthy intestinal balance and the maintenance of epithelial cells in the digestive tract by buffering the effects of excess gastric acid. This concept is based on a unique combination of active neutraceuticals which work with the bodies own defences to support the strength of the stomach lining.

EGUSIN SLH is used as the first nutritional feed supplement when supporting and maintaining the resilience of the horses digestive system.

EGUSIN 250 is used as the second “follow-up-diet” to maintain proper healthy stomach function.


In addition to the unique combination of selected antacids, dietary supplements and fibres, both EGUSIN® products contain micro-milled whole oats (groats).

The nutritional health benefits of oats have been accepted for centuries. Egusin contains a unique micro-milled whole oats meal-which allows the oats to retain a high proportion of valuable nutritional fibres to support healthy intestinal function.

The nutritional fibres in Egusin contain:
· Beta-glucan - gels in the stomach, supporting the natural coating of the stomach lining.
· Insoluble oats fibres - delays the stomach emptying which aids the maintenance of healthy gastric function particularly in horses prone to gastrointestinal disorders.
· Polar lipids - rich phospholipids that aid the maintenance of a healthy stomach lining.
· Natural antioxidants - to supporting muscle cells from degradation by free radicals.

SUPPORT: For horses prone to help maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

Top dress 1 scoop (to adult fill line) of Egusin 250 morning and evening for minimum of 21 days.

Foals and young horses (4-12 months): Top dress 1 scoop (to foal fill line) of Egusin 250 morning and evening for minimum of 21 days.

Horses which display the following behaviours will benefit from supplementation with Egusin SLH:

Decreased feed intake or complete inappetence
Poor feed efficiency and subsequent weight loss
Loss of performance
Development of stereotypes such as wood chewing, weaving, and stall walking, reluctance when ridden, reaction when girthing or brushing.

Egusin can be supplemented in periods when horses are participating in competitions, as the product does not contain any substances prohibited by the FEI or Jockey Club, and there are no undesirable secondary effects.


Egusin 250: 5 kg bucket - sufficient for feeding a 500 kg horse for 3 weeks

4.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Egusin 250 – Gastric Maintenance

  1. 3 out of 5

    Rating by Joellis on August 25, 2013 :

    Excellent product. After feeding Egusin SLH Devon’s digestive troubles were quickly supported and a healthy status of his stomach achieved by using Egusin 250 for maintenance. He is back to looking marvellous. Thank you

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Stepsocks on September 11, 2013 :

    Well recommended – made a huge difference to my horse and he can’t get enough of the pellets!

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