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Once you receive your mineral and nutritional analysis Forageplus will explain the results and carry out calculations to provide you with a unique feeding plan to improve the health and performance of your horse. Using scientific analysis and the latest research Forageplus can tailor make a feeding plan for your horse which takes into account the whole diet, not just the hard feeds and supplements which may be fed. You can then feed a nutritionally focused supplement.

Forage exerts a significant influence on the total diet of equines because of the huge amounts consumed. Consequently a knowledge of the mineral status of grass, hay or haylage is vital to ensure optimum health. Even though the amounts of some minerals consumed are in milligram quantities, the effect on horses’ health relative to their low concentration is huge.

Our bespoke feeding plan ensures a nutrient adequate and mineral balanced diet. If you have hard feed or supplement preferences we can accommodate these too. A Forageplus feeding plan will give you an individualised diet for your horse where you only add the nutrients and minerals not covered by the forage eaten.

Whether your horse is a good doer, a happy hacker, a veteran with weight issues or a sport horse in heavy work, our intelligent feeding system targets your horse’s specific needs so you know exactly what to feed and when.

We cover protein needs, energy needs, mineral needs, electrolyte needs and we get those all important mineral ratios spot on, something other feed companies can only guess at with their broad spectrum approach.

Where you need to up date your feed plan because your horse has changed weight or is working harder or having a rest, we make no charge for alterations at a later date.

However, if your forage supply changes and you need a new analysis, we will charge for a new feed plan.  Where you have other horses on the same forage, we charge a minimal rate for these feed plans, please see Feed Plan for additional horses.

All feed plans take up to 14 working days for us to complete.

If you have more than one horse you can buy extra feed plans for additional horses at a reduced cost.

5.00 out of 5

4 reviews for Feeding Plan for first horse

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by LeanneF80 on August 17, 2013 :

    Cannot recommend this highly enough. My boy has been on his mineral plan and new feeding regime for the last 6 weeks and the difference in his coat and demeanour are astounding! He’s been on box rest for the last 9 weeks (and has another 5 to go) for proximal suspensory desmitis. He’s been a star on box rest and I firmly believe correct and balanced feeding has supported his nutritional status and attitude. I was allowed back on him last week to start road work and again – calm as you like! I buy all my minerals from Sarah and her plan comes with great detail on how to mix the minerals and what to feed alongside them. She’s also always at the other end of the phone and Facebook 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Lionel Yarde on December 22, 2014 :

    My horse Zadar was diagnosed with cushings which led on to laminitis causing his pedal bone to rotate. I wanted to support his health with the best nutritional programme. A friend had gone through the same problem with her horse but with her horse all four feet were affected, Zadar only had it in one. Forageplus was suggested to me, so I had my hay analysed (nutritional and mineral) and also had a feed program devised by them. I wanted to give him the best nutrition whilst he was recovering, under direction from my vet. With medication from my vet he was walking around the stable within two weeks, 2.5 months on his medication has been reduced and he is making good progress.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Rating by julie.millarrobinson on March 26, 2015 :

    My horse has been following the recommendations of his plan since the middle of Feb 2015 and I am amazed by the difference in him. He is calm, he looks great and his feet are improving. I have learnt so much and it has even inspired me to do an equine nutrition course myself! Thank-you so much. I was beginning to think I would never be able to fix him, but I’ve started this year feeling like I’ve finally turned a corner – honestly, it’s a wonderful feeling! We’ve gone from ‘maybe one more summer’ to ‘maybe we should get a saddle fitter’. Thrilled doesn’t cover it!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rating by mparent883 on August 9, 2017 :

    I had my grass and hay analyzed by Forageplus in June. What an eye-opener. I also purchased a feed plan to help me with the interpretation. So worth it. I wish I had done it years ago. Would have saved me a lot of money and heartache. They gave me great feed advice and made some changes that have made a profound difference in my horses feet, coat and character. If you’re debating, do it. It’s worth it.

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