Hay and Haylage Corer Probe

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Using a hay or haylage corer probe to take samples for horse hay or haylage analysis enables accurate testing.

Forageplus supplies an 18-inch stainless steel horse hay and haylage corer probe forage sampler with a standard adaptor and round shank for electric operation. 3/8″ for use with an electric drill (an electric drill of ½ hp or 19-volt capacity is recommended).

A dowel plunger is supplied with each unit to remove moist or packed samples.

The shank adapter is quickly and easily removed from the tube by fully depressing the spring-loaded plunger. Fitted with replaceable hardened cutter head tip and adapter.

In addition, we also supply, as extras, replacement cutter tips and an extension adapter for correct coring of big bales of hay or haylage.

The extension adapter can be useful to accommodate those wishing to probe large round bales.  It is 10 inches long, and by using it with the regular 18-inch tube, a 30-inch penetration is obtained, thus giving an 18-inch sample at the bale core. We have an interesting article here on testing forage from various fields or sources that you may find useful.

Forageplus has a hay/haylage corer probe which customers can hire from us – please phone our office to hire – terms and conditions can be read here

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 67 × 12 × 12 cm


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