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Forageplus Immune Plus for horses is designed to offer support to horses under high free radical stress including those with seasonal lung and skin challenges.

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Contains high levels of natural antioxidants to help body tissue resilience including the immune system. A potent blend of plant antioxidants, antioxidant vitamins, herbs and amino acids for optimal balanced immune responses.

  • Combines plant antioxidants with antioxidant vitamins C and E to protect cells.
  • Includes MSM to support healthy detoxification processes
  • Potent blend of amino acids, bioflavonoids and herbs.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



Each daily feed amount contains: Jiaogulan 2 grams, BCAA 20 grams, Spirulina 24 grams, MSM 10 grams, Vitamin E 3000 iu, Vitamin C 3 grams, Grapeseed Extract 5 grams

Feed Rate

Daily amount to feed a 400-600 kg horse per day = 70 grams.

Feeding guidelines: split daily amount between two feeds.

1 x 75 ml scoop = approximately 40 grams

1kg will last a 400-600 kg horse 14.2 days.

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