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Isolate Whey Protein



What is Forageplus Isolate Whey Protein?

Our isolate whey protein concentrate for horses is one of the purest whey proteins available on the horse supplement market. This form of whey protein is particularly useful for horses and ponies prone to laminitis due to the low carboyhydrate (sugar) levels.

This is a human grade product which is extremely pure but has no denaturing and maximum protein integrity, each 100 grams contains over 90% of protein. Whey protein isolate boasts a comprehensive amino acid profile that provides all the essential amino acids (EAAs) including 10.6g of Leucine per serving.

Whey Protein Benefits?

Some forages are low in available protein due to a complicated interaction between nitrogen and sulphur levels in the soil. Many horses benefit from an increase in protein. Extra protein can help with lethargy problems and poor hoof and skin quality. Our isolate whey protein enables you to target extra protein supplementation without including extra calories but with very low sugar levels. Your horse can therefore continue to enjoy ad-lib hay without the added calorie concerns that feeding more concentrates would entail.

This Whey Protein provides 90g of protein per 100g (dry basis), is low in fat and lactose (sugars) and rich in calcium. It is an excellent source of essential amino acids and contains one of the highest proportions of branched chain amino acids found in natural protein.

Traceability is a key part of our quality monitoring process and to aid this process source only human grade whey protein isolate.

Which horses will benefit from the addition of Isolate Whey Protein Concentrate?

  • Horses which are on a reduced hay ration due to needing to lose weight.
  • Horses which need a very low sugar form of whey protein.
  • Older horses which are struggling to maintain top line.
  • Horses which have access to low protein levels in the forage they are eating, this can be determined from a nutritional and mineral analysis of grass, hay or haylage.
  • Horses with poor hoof wall connection and or cracks.
  • Horse in heavy work.

Essential Amino Acids g/100g
Protein Isoleucine 6.4 Leucine 10.6 Lysine 9.6 Methionine 2.2 Phenylalanine 3.0 Threonine 6.7 Tryptophan 1.4 Valine 5.9

Non-Essential Amino Acids g/100g
Protein Alanine 5.0 Arginine 2.1 Aspartic Acid 11.0 Cystine/Cysteine 2.2 Glutamic Acid 18.1 Glycine 1.4 Histidine 1.7 Proline 5.5 Serine 4.6 Tyrosine 2.6


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