full mineral analysis for hay
Full Mineral Analysis | Hay
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Full Mineral Analysis | Hay


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Why test your horse’s hay?

Our hay mineral analysis for horses gives a full mineral profile of horse hay, all macro and micro minerals are included.

This analysis will allow us to advise you exactly what to feed based on what minerals are already found in your horse’s hay.

Sampling hay for a mineral analysis
Full Mineral Analysis | Hay 5

A video thumbnail on how to collect a forage sample
Full Mineral Analysis | Hay 6

Why Choose Forageplus?

Mineral reports provided by other companies will often exclude selenium, iodine or chloride. The report that we provide you is created by a UKAS accredited lab using wet chemistry methods.

Reports take approx. 10-14 working days to finalise, including free bespoke feed recommendations for your horse.

Please note that this is purely a report of the horse hay mineral levels in your hay sample showing high and low levels of each mineral. 

It does not include ESC or starch levels, for this, you will need a nutritional analysis.

Our analysis includes all the minerals known to be essential in the equine diet, plus levels of antagonist minerals aluminium, lead and molybdenum.

A Forageplus employee handling a forage analysis sample
Full Mineral Analysis | Hay 7

A list of the minerals tested in the grass analysis for horses
Full Mineral Analysis | Hay 8

What do we test for?

The following elements are included in this hay mineral analysis for horses.

This is the starting point for balancing your horse’s diet and nutrition so that your unique situation is addressed for optimum health and performance.

We do not send a physical kit for this analysis, please wait for us to email you the instructions on how to best collect your sample and how to return this to ourselves. This email will also include a link to our form, where you can enter details about your horse(s), this will help us to calculate your bespoke feed recommendations.

We include bespoke feeding suggestions unique to your individual horse’s requirements within each report. This report will allow us to advise on feeding daily levels of minerals.

For customers outside of the UK – the analysis process will be the same will full instructions sent via email once we receive your order.

To avoid any extra charges due to increases in lab fees please use any analysis kit, bought from Forageplus, within 6 months of purchase.

2 reviews for Full Mineral Analysis | Hay

  1. K8large (verified owner)

    Brilliant.. In our unbalanced world with numerous equine problems.. This test takes out any guess work of supplements… Invaluable in helping my metabolic horse with top notch customer service after the test (thank you Jo)

  2. Claire Lowry (verified owner)

    I’d been wanting to have my hay analysed for ages but I just hadn’t got round to it. It was quite simple although I found the hay corer I hired quite difficult to get off the drill and needed help. Once I had worked out how to best to do this it was fine. The office was very helpful and good at responding to emails. Waiting for the results.

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