Feeding the pregnant mare with Forageplus Horse Feed and Supplements

Pregnant Mare Balancer


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PLEASE NOTE * We do not stock a pregnant mare balancer at the moment. This page is purely for information.*

To supplement you pregnant mare please either carry out a forage analysis to determine nutrients your mare needs or use the Working Young Horse Balancer Winter which will provide an appropriate formula for pregnant mares in the last 4 months of pregnancy. Before the last four months of pregnancy feed Hoof and Skin Health Balancer-Winter. Read below for more information.

Feeding the pregnant mare correctly and matching the nutrients to the grass, hay and haylage fed is the best way to build the best foal possible. However, without knowing the the nutrient levels in the forage fed then it is difficult to know where best to start with protein and mineral supplementation to set your foal up for the best possible health and longevity.

Here at Forageplus we would love to supply an off the shelf pregnant mare balancer horse feed supplement.  However, to get the strongest, healthiest and best foal possible, our statistical analysis of the hundreds of forage analysis we carry out for clients each year shows us that there is too much nutritional variation.  This variation in the levels of minerals and protein means that to provide the best start for the growing embryo you should test the grass, hay or haylage your mare is eating to determine levels of minerals and protein quality.

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After a lot of thought  and calculations we would now prefer to advise clients to test the grass, hay and haylage their mare will be eating so that accurate feeding requirements can be determined and both the mare and foal can be provided with optimal nutrition throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Deficiencies of certain nutrients and excesses of others mean that foal health can be compromised not just in the short term but into adulthood too so really knowing what is contained in the pregnant mares diet is crucial.

Where testing of forage eaten by the pregnant mare is not possible then please do contact us for more advice. With our expertise and knowledge of forage from all over the UK and Europe we can definitely help you steer a path towards the best foal possible.

To find out more about careful and considered feeding of the pregnant mare for optimum foal health which will take the unborn foal into healthy and strong adulthood then read this article on feeding the pregnant mare.

Feeding the pregnant mare with Forageplus Horse Feed and Supplements


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