Timothy Hay for horses
Timothy Hay Pallet | 30 Bales
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Timothy Hay Pallet | 30 Bales


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Buy low sugar, low starch fully analysed Timothy hay pallet and have it delivered directly to you. This hay can be shipped anywhere in the UK as compressed 20kg bales (approx.). This hay is suitable for all horses and is safe for those prone to laminitis.

Our Timothy Plus Balancer is matched and balanced to this Timothy Hay. The balancer also contains sufficient protein.

Each timothy bale of hay for horses are freshly wrapped for convenience and protection whilst in transit. This timothy hay is particularly suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys prone to laminitis.

For bespoke balancing to this hay click the balancing product tab above.

Pallet products must be ordered and paid for separately from other products on this website.

We apologise that shipping is not being applied to this product. Shipping for hay pallets is NOT free. If you order this product online we will contact you for shipping payment. Please call us if you would prefer to order via telephone

Download a full analysis and feed report for this hay below:

This Timothy Hay pallet for horses is delivered on a pallet anywhere in the UK, Monday to Friday working hours only. Please note that there is no local pick up of hay on a pallet and this product never qualifies for free shipping.

Each timothy hay bale weighs approximately 20kg and is a small easily handled size and costs £9 with a total pallet price of £270 plus shipping to an area, within the UK, listed in the delivery tab above. A full horse timothy hay pallet contains 30 bales.

Each bale has been carefully grown and packed in the south of England.

This timothy hay for horses is particularly suitable for laminitics with a low iron level and a combined ESC and Starch content well under 10%. This sugar and starch level means that there is no need for soaking for animals prone to laminitis or experiencing laminitis.

A known DE (calorie) level means that Forageplus can advise those who need to carefully manage good doer horses who are prone to weight gain on how much to feed to maintain a healthy weight.

Equally, we can advise those with poor doers, elderly horses or those in moderate to heavy work what concentrates and what level of concentrates will be needed to match to this hay for optimum weight management and performance energy.

We also stock a pelleted form of our timothy hay, be sure to check the separate analysis for our pelleted product as well as limitations on shipping.

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms and conditions. This page will also give you more information about the nature of this product and how to accept delivery. You can view the full range of analysed feeds here, including our Meadow Hay.

Please note we cannot give you high or low desirable figures for each mineral. This is because a complicated relationship exists between certain minerals where an excess of one mineral will block another. However, we can advise you on the best ratios for optimum, healthy horse nutrition.

Analysis Info

Sugar levels¬†‚Ästas fed¬†combined ESC sugar and starch 7.3% (by wet chemistry analysis)

This hay is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and should need no soaking.

Protein levels  as fed 4.9%

You can download the full analysis for this hay below:


By purchasing this product you agree to our terms and conditions. This page will also give you more information about the nature of this product.

Balancing Suggestions

This hay is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis and needs no soaking.

For a 500 kg horse in maintenance/light work fed 9.1 kg of this timothy hay, feed:

  • 300 grams of Forageplus Timothy Plus Balancer carried in any fast soak fibre provider or small feed of your choice. We suggest 200 grams of unmolassed beet pulp (dry weight).
  • Include 100 grams of¬†Micronised Linseed¬†each day for omega 3 supplementation, if on less than 6 hours of good spring or summer grazing and include the following separate minerals for best balance:

Protein is a little low so the Timothy Plus balancer contains 100 grams of Topline Plus protein supplement to boost essential amino acid levels. This means that protein insufficiency is covered by the balancer fed at the recommended daily feed rate.

After 1 hour of sweating, to cover electrolyte losses, add an additional 55 grams of salt in a small feed after work. To boost amino acids those horses in moderate work will benefit from the addition of 50 grams of Forageplus Essential Amino Acids.

For other weights, ages or categories of horses please contact us for advice.


This table shows you the shipping prices for the zoned areas within the UK. Please note we do not ship this hay for horses outside the UK.

ZoneShipping CostCost per bale after shipping appliedCost per pallet delivered
UK Core
UK Inner
UK Outer
N Belt / S East
S W Core
C Wales / C Scotland
S West, Wales & Central Scottish Fringe
East Central Scotland
North & N E Scotland
West Scotland
London Central Zone
Outer London
London Core
Skye & W Scotland
Orkney Isles
Outer Hebrides
Shetland Isles
Inner Hebrides
Inner Hebrides
Isle of Wight
Isle of Man
Channel Isles
Channel Isles
Zone 101
Zone 105

You can find your delivery rate by searching for your postcode here: UK Postcode Zone Table

Delivery will be made Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and someone will need to be available to receive the pallet.  Extra charges will be needed for delivery outside these hours.

For more information about how your pallet will be delivered and how to prepare please read our terms and conditions page.

Please note: the cost is per 40 bales. You will need to pay another delivery charge for each additional pallets ordered

By purchasing this product you agree to our terms and conditions. This page will also give you more information about the nature of this product.

6 reviews for Timothy Hay Pallet | 30 Bales

  1. Nikkiandcassie30 (verified owner)

    Lovely product, clean and dust free.
    Forage plus always advise how best to balance this hay.

  2. Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    Fresh and dust free also works out at better value for money

  3. Caroline Johnson (verified owner)

    Great hay that keeps my horses that are prone to laminitis safe, with no need to soak. Delivery is fast and easy to arrange for a convenient day via the pallet company.

  4. Lynn McCrindle (verified owner)

    Lovely excellent quality dust free hay which is a life saver with no need to soak it. Especially suited for those equines that are at higher risk of Laminitis or Metabolic issues. Or those which dont need a high combined ESC + Starch %.
    I’d highly recommend.

  5. Laura Thom (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery of lovely dust free top quality timothy hay that doesn’t need to be soaked for my EMA pony. Worth every penny and zero waste.

  6. L McCrindle (verified owner)

    Excellent quality dust free timothy hay. Perfect for horses at risk of Laminitis, or EMS.
    No need to soak and no waste.
    Total life saver.
    I’d highly recommend

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