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Forageplus TMG Powder (Trimethylglycine) for horses is a useful source of methyl groups to support a healthy, balanced relationship between the exposure to external toxins, the production of internal toxins from normal metabolism and the ability of the body, in particular the liver and the kidneys, to process and remove them.

Healthy toxic processing is apparent in the shine of the horse’s coat, clear, bright eyes and alert, energetic behaviour.   This supplement may be of benefit to support detox processes and improve overall performance in the following scenarios:

  • Where the living environment may cause exposure to pesticide and herbicide residues, insecticides, toxic metals and fertiliser run off from farm fields.
  • Supporting the healthy function of the liver
  • Supporting the healthy function of the kidneys
  • When detoxification and natural antioxidant protection of the tissues need maintenance support

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Feed Rate

Feed rate for an average 500kg horse:
15 – 30 grams per day
1 x 25 ml scoop = approximately 15 grams

This product will last 66.6 days fed at the lower rate (15 grams).
This product will last 33.3 days fed at the higher rate (30 grams).

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100% TMG (Trimethylglycine)


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