Forageplus Powering Ride Bare Adventures!

Each year since 2010 Sarah and 4 friends have attempted a Ride Bare challenge.  The challenge is always a long ride where the horses are either bare, partially bare or booted rather than have metal shoes.

Each challenge has been a most incredible journey, testing skills of horsemanship and the amazing relationship between horse and rider.

The first challenge was a circular route around North Yorkshire in the UK. The Ride Bare gals carried all their equipment for the 5 day journey and stayed with wonderful people at local riding stables and B & Bs. The weather was amazing for April and the experience a totally wonderful one. Watch the amazing video of the ride below and we dare you not to cry :-).

The second challenge, in 2011, was in mid Wales organised by the Your Horse Adventures wonderful hosts Richard and Medina Brock at Brandy House Farm.  We upped the miles and again the weather was amazing for the time of the year. The pace was faster this time and our horses had an absolute ball.

The third challenge in 2012, and our most ambitious yet, was more expedition than holiday! We set ourselves the task of riding across Wales to the beach and back. This time the weather was cruel and for 2013 we are going to take it gently because there is probably only room for one epic adventure like this in a Ride Bare gal’s life! All the horses were powered by Forageplus minerals and after 5 days of travelling 80 miles over the Welsh mountains, the day they hit the beach really showed how fuelling your horses to the optimum on correct nutritionally focussed  feed can produce extraordinary results.

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