Rowan – Looking fabulous on Forageplus!

The Equine Grass Sickness Fund asked us to donate to their raffle. We were only too please to supply a pack of our balancer to help raise funds to research into this debilitating disease. Sian and Rowan were the lucky winners. Rowan was diagnosed with Cushings (PPID) last year and Sian had already contacted us for advice. Winning the balancer meant she could carry on giving Rowan minerals to support him whilst recovering his health. We think he looks wonderful and it’s great to see Sian’s much loved horse back in action with her. Well done Sian and Rowan.

Sian coming secondMy horse Rowan was diagnosed with PPID last Autumn aged 15. It took a long time to get him stabilised on Prascend, during which time he suffered a serious prolonged respiratory infection, colic, which saw him hospitalised and then in March, a mild bout of laminitis. All this forced me to take a good hard look at his management to support his health with help from Forageplus.

He’s been on Forageplus minerals since last November, though it took me a few months to pursuade him to eat them consistently, mainly because being on Prascend initially affected his appetite so much.

He has gone from strength to strength in recent months, so I am absolutely sure they have been an important part of supporting his resilience, and when I won 5 kgs of their summer balancer in the Equine Grass Sickness Raffle I was over the moon! Thank you EGSF and Forageplus!

We even came second in the riding horse class yesterday at a show.

Happy days!Forageplus - Sian and Rowan

Thanks for all your help! Sian and Ro


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