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Sarah Braithwaite, founder of Forageplus, lives in North Wales with her husband Dr Lee Proctor. She is passionate about horses, horse health, correct horse training and her riding.

Since 2000 Sarah has devoted 1000 of hours to learning about whole horse health and nutrition, including human nutrition. She trained personally with barefoot horse experts Jaimie Jackson and Pete Ramey, in the USA, regarding the function and management of bare hooves and was one of the first people in the UK to qualify as a barefoot trimmer with the AANHCP.

Sarah is co author of the very popular and successful book on horse hoof care, Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation and has ridden her horses without shoes for many years.

Sarah Braithwaite a passion for whole horse health

Sarah attends many conferences on health and nutrition around the world and is constantly seeking new knowledge to help horses and owners throughout Europe. She has studied extensively with American nutrition expert and vet, Dr. Eleanor Kellon and has been a sponsor of the No Laminitis clinic in the USA in both 2013 and 2015.

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Training with many diverse equine professionals

Sarah has trained with many diverse equine professionals learning about natural horsemanship, with Steve Halfpenny, Dave Stuart and Ken Faulkner.  She owns 5 horses, drag hunts, has competed in endurance events, shows at county level and enjoys riding club activities.  Sarah is now is upping her dressage game, training with Jaine Baile and Mary Wanless, to maximise the potential of her beautiful full Arabian CSA Maurice and her TB cross project horse.

In 2014 she bought this project horse after he failed the vetting on lameness purely to learn more about rehabilitation using Schoeneich methods.  This horse and Sarah have now visited Germany twice to train at the ARR Centre with Klaus and Gabrielle Schoeneich and understand the ARR techniques and methods for horse straightness and improving equine gait and posture and thus whole health.

Forageplus clinics on whole horse health

Sarah has organised many clinics with renowned equine professionals such as the late Dr Kerry Ridgway, Manolo Mendez and Georges Dewez of Carreg Dressage.  Each year she hosts Klaus Schoeneich of the ARR rehabilitation centre in Germany in the UK and is a strong advocate of the ARR horse straightness training and rehabilitation system.

In 2014 she held the Equine Wellness Symposium in the UK, a unique event where the late Dr Ridgway and Manolo Mendez spent three days in the UK discussing equine biomechanics and the causes of equine laterality (crookedness & unevenness) and its consequences on equine soundness and performance.

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She says:

My amazing evidence based journey, into whole horse health, with hundreds of horses has provided the basis for creating the unique horse nutrition company Forageplus.  I can’t quite believe that from the humble beginnings, over 15 years ago, of being obsessed enough to travel to the USA to train with Pete Ramey and Jaimie Jackson that Forageplus has been the result.

My belief is that looking at the whole horse: hooves and hoof function, feeding, living environment, saddles and the way horses are ridden and trained is crucial for happy, healthy and resilient horses.  Without the right approach in any one of these areas then I have found that the balance needed to support and maintain healthy horses will fail.

My moto, stolen unashamedly from my great friend the late Dr Kerry Ridgeway, is “Today’s information is quite possibly tomorrow’s misinformation” because over the last 15 years I have had to reassess my beliefs many, many times.  Everyday I remain determined to be open minded and force myself to let go as well as add to my knowledge. This is as a fundamental part of the Forageplus team ethos.

I remember when I was training with Charles Hall, US master farrier as part of my AANHCP barefoot hoof training that he told me that you had to embrace the bad and the good because both could teach you. That is why I will listen to anyone, train with anyone because Charles Hall was damn right!

I describe myself as just an obsessed horse owner but guess you could call me an information junky. Lately I have become extremely interested in the root cause of imbalances in forage so now I am now on a mission to share my knowledge about creating healthy soil and the Albrecht/Kinsey principles of soil analysis and management.

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