Schoeneich Functional Horse Training – UK 2019

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For over 25 years the Schoeneich’s have taught their system of functional horse training at the Centre for Anatomically Correct Horsemanship in Germany.

Watch ten horses’ movement transform over three days. Learn the power of this training method to teach the horse correct functional movement, build correct muscle, eradicate lameness and create supple relaxed, correct bio-mechanical movement which will mean you can be your horse’s own physiotherapist and personal trainer rolled into one.

Date of next 2019 clinic: June 21st – 23rd

Venue: Dan Wain Equestrian, Home Farm, Compton Verney, Warwickshire CV35 9HJ

We have horse spaces left for the June clinic. Please contact us if you are interested.

Changing Horse Posture and Muscle Development ARR Centre Functional Horse Training

The horses above have been trained using the ARR functional movement approach for three years.  You can see how their bodies have changed, their muscles developed for correctness, strength and beauty.  Horses which can work with correct functional movement both under saddle and in hand will maintain their soundness and become a pleasure to handle and ride.

For more information about Herr Schoeneich and the ARR straightness training methods please visit this article.

Every time I come to one of Klaus’ clinics I come away feeling as if another piece of my jigsaw has gone into place.  What he teaches is so simple when you think about it logically but the detail he takes it to is awe inspiring!

Clinic horse place attendee of 4 times

Paddy Functional Horse Movement Training for lameness

We went to a party today and Paddy was a dude… so pleased with the progress he has made. From an unrideable, lame horse a year ago to one that scores over 70% in an Intro dressage test. Thank you so much to Klaus Schoeneich. Functional / straightness training clearly works in fixing horses and is worth ‘the journey’. My horse is back to a happy sound horse enjoying his parties!

Liz Cade, happy owner who attended a UK clinic to learn functional movement training with Klaus Schoeneich. 

Read more about Liz and Paddy and their journey from lameness to soundness here

Best Days to Attend the Functional Horse Training

There will be a range of horses, who are both new and established in this method. They will work both under saddle and in the round pen and this will make great spectating.  If you are wondering which day or days to attend then we suggest that you definitely attend Friday where Herr Schoeneich will present a lecture and demonstrate correct horse biomechanics with two different horses as well as working with all the other horses on the course. Then if you can’t attend all three days come back on Sunday so you can see the profound changes in the horses.

Learning Schoeneich Horse Straightness Training

Over the three days you will learn about :

Date of next 2019 clinic: June 21st – 23rd

Venue: Dan Wain Equestrian, Home Farm, Compton Verney, Warwickshire CV35 9HJ


Friday - 9.00am - 5.00pmLecture by Herr Schoeneich followed by video assessment of two horses - 9am till 11 am. One horse will be a horse new to straightness training. One horse will be a horse established in the ARR straightness work. This will give clinic attendees the opportunity to see, contrast, compare and understand the Herr Schoeneich's work in more depth. Herr Schoeniech will interact in discussion of their movement and the implications of this movement till 11am. Herr Schoeneich will then work with the remaining horses once, for the rest of the day.
Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pmHerr Schoeneich to work with each horse twice. Where appropriate riders will also have tuition whilst riding. Spectators will be invited to ask questions and discuss what they see as much as possible.
Sunday 8.00am - 4.30pmHerr Schoeneich to work with both owner and horse to teach the owner how to continue with the ARR Straightness Training method. Where appropriate riders will also have tuition whilst riding. Spectators will be invited to ask questions and discuss what they see as much as possible.

We have horse spaces left for the June clinic. Please contact us if you are interested.


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What is Schoeneich Functional Horse Straightness Training?

In their book ‘Correct Movement in Horses, Improving Straightness and Balance’ (Kenilworth 2007) the Schoeneichs explain how centrifugal and sheer forces conspire against the horse who naturally manifests laterality as either left or right fore limb dominance.

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Working with all horses from top FEI Grand Prix Dressage horses and ‘problem’ horses to young green horses, their method focuses on ensuring that all horses can move freely and correctly, and thus remain healthy and happy performers throughout their lives.

“Crookedness” is a term which often crops up in horse training but its importance is often underestimated. Once you become involved with it more closely you realize how fundamentally important it is. The Schoeneich’s believe that 95% of all problems in the horse’s action and way of going are caused by its intrinsic crookedness and the effect this has for example on its locomotive system if the crookedness is not corrected.

Clarity about why. Simplicity as to how to train. Positive approach. Herr Schoeneich consistently builds your understanding and therefore your capability. He is really patient. I have attended these clinics four times with a horse which was lame and could not be ridden.  To ride this time was like a miracle and I will be on the next and in between on a mission to work my horse for straightness and strength ready for the fifth!

Clinic attendee of four times with a horse diagnosed with kissing spine

Horses at the Straightness Training Clinic

Those horses which are attending the clinic for the first time are likely to be worked in the roundpen over the three days.  Horses which have attended the clinic in the past will work both in the round pen and under saddle. Herr Schoeneich will work personally with 10 different horses and owners to teach them how to permanently understand and correct their horse’s balance and movement.

All horses benefit from ARR straightness training by finding their balance, developing top line and becoming calm and sound through reducing muscular tension.  Young horses can be prepared to have a strong uplifting back and trained to be straight and relaced before you get on them for the first time.

All horses benefit from ARR straightness training by finding their balance, developing top line and becoming calm and sound through reducing muscular tension.Click To Tweet


Herr Schoeneich will lecture and use live video on the morning of Friday 20th  November, to discuss aspects of laterality, horse asymmetry and the Schoeneich horse straightness training to develop balance and strength. On Friday afternoon and the following two days, he will work with horses and riders individually and be available for spectators and participants to ask questions.

Amazing course – it opened my eyes fully to the importance of straightness and preparation of the horse.  Now I understand the problems which arise without correctly addressing straightness in the horse.  Really loved the three days.  Clinic horse place attendee from September 2016 3 day clinic

Doors to this horse straightness training event will open 15 minutes before each days start time, tea coffee and biscuits will be available but participants and spectators should bring their own lunch. Please bring your own chair.

Event Terms and Conditions – event fees for both spectators and horse owners are non-refundable if cancelled in less than 45 working days from the clinic start date.  If a suitable replacement can be found then a full refund will be given (minus 5% administration fee), it is not the responsibility of the event organiser to find a replacement, however they will do their best to help. After payment, you will receive an email with PDF ticket from us as confirmation, please note that the email you supply to PayPal will be the address we use for this confirmation.  In the very unlikely event that the event is cancelled, each attendee will be emailed, advising them of the cancellation and offered a full refund, minus 5% administration fee. It is important that each attendee ensures that we have their correct  email contact details.  The event organiser is not responsible for any expenses incurred, other than the cost of the event ticket in the event of a cancellation minus the adminsitration fee of 5%. In the event of adverse weather conditions, a decision regarding cancellation will be made the day before the event is due to start. If the event is cancelled, each attendee will be notified by email. The event organiser reserves the right to refuse entry/or sale of tickets without stating the reason, to cancel the event and all rights of admission. The Management of the venue or the event organiser reserves the right to remove anyone from the event at any time without giving a reason. The event organiser also has the right to change the location of the event due to unforeseen circumstances. Horse/Pony sports are dangerous. Neither the event organiser nor any persons acting on their behalf, nor the landowner can accept any liability for loss, damage, accident or injury to any persons, horses or property. It is compulsory that all riders wear hats/helmets up to British Standard Riding Hats conforming to BS PAS 015 1998, BS EN 1384, or ASTMF 1163 95.  The  Instructor, The Venue and the event organiser will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring, and must obey the rules and instructions of the organisers and stewards/officials. The Instructors, The Venue and the event organiser does not insure the rider, your horse or your tack and equipment. You are strongly advised to have in place your own adequate horse and personal accident insurance at all times. You will be asked to provide proof of this prior to the event, failure to provide this proof may result in you not being allowed to take part with your horse.  The Venue, the event organiser and The Instructors will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any person or their property however this may be caused. If you have any queries please contact us.               

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