Use Forageplus to create a cost effective bespoke horse mineral supplement:

Forageplus provides analysis service for hay, haylage and pasture so the nutrient and mineral levels are known. We can also test water and soil should it be appropriate. We assist you with the procedure for sampling and carrying out your analysis. Our nutritional analysis include both starch and ESC sugar, these figures have proved vital in controlling laminitic in horses.

We can interpret the results of all analysis and calculate a bespoke feeding plan unique to your individual horses requirements. Our plan can accomodate your hard feed or supplement preferences or we can formulate a completely new diet for you, choosing the best feeds on the market which suit both your purse and your horses needs.

We provide a recipe and instructions for making your own custom mineral mix containing only what your horse needs in addition to the forage he/she eats.  We sell separate minerals so that balancing your horse’s feed is easy and economical.

Our plans will help ensure that the mineral ratios are at their optimum, to lessen the chance that too much of one mineral is blocking the absorption of another:

For example a high iron intake in comparison to copper and zinc has been shown to depress the absorption of copper and zinc. This can lead, for example, to problems with tendons and ligaments, coat colour and hoof integrity. Dr E. Kellon, VMD, a leader in the field of applications of nutraceauticals for horses in America says, “Healthy young to middle-aged horses will tolerate a wide range of mineral imbalances with no obvious outward signs, but many of the things we take for granted as ‘usual’ in horses, such as sun-bleaching, tendon/ligament/joint issues, immune system imbalances, muscle and nerve problems, poor fertility and bone problems can all have a nutritional component.

All problems are a combination of genetics and outside influences. The list of outside influences is huge but levels of minerals in forage is worth investigating since it is well within our control”.

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