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We are so happy your friend invited you here to find out about of our horse world. You might be wondering who we are, what we do and how we can help you before you start shopping and use your 10% discount so you can save money on your first order.

Our passion for horse health starts with the grass and hay horses eat. We have a powerful approach to making sure that all the deficiencies that might affect your horse are covered, from minerals and vitamins to protein and amino acids.

Our philosophy is simple we test the hay or grass, which is the biggest proportion of your horse’s diet, to see what it contains and match to that.

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If you can’t test your hay or grass then we have collected the results from hundreds of analysis. We have created careful formulations of horse feed balancers so you know they are fully balanced, forage focused and the best you can buy for your horse.

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Along with being nutrition experts we are also experts in healthy hooves and environments to create correct metabolism in those tricky, good doer, laminitis prone horses. If it needs to be learnt to keep horses healthy then we keep digging until an expert around the world can give us the knowledge that we then share with you.

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We are quite literally a mine of knowledge and information because we know that is what you need.

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What our customers say about us:

Just a little update on Indy! Really happy with how she’s looked throughout the summer. Kept her weight off and had the same girth size!


Thanks so much for the very valuable information you have given me. I’m so glad i have been in touch with you at Forageplus and to have the hay analysed. Its been one of the best decisions I’ve made for this pony.


Just a quick amazed thank you! I am honestly blown away by how much help and advice you have given me THANK YOU!

Sarah Cisco and Flash

I have noticed too the horse has a lo more energy and his feet look really strong, they had been terrible we had tried every balancer. His hooves have really come on since starting this balancer and he’s really perky in himself playing and his feed shod up so well this time.


I love the balancer he is on, he looks amazing.


Just wanted to say how great your service is: I got my order today all the way to Germany in just a couple of days. Awesome!


I emailed you about my cob mare and her skin issues. You said her immune system needed support so we started her on your Winter Balancer. I am delighted to say its been something of a miracle for her. Her skin is smooth and her coat has a lovely shine and her black patches are very black. Thank you very much.


This is why you and Team Fplus are my go-to people when it comes to nutrition advice: nobody else comes close!


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