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Terry is valuable member of the Forageplus team and is our longest serving employee.  He organises the stock in the warehouse, weighing out, labelling, tracking the batches and making sure there are stocks of products for Daisy and Vicky to ship to our customers.

Terry Madden Team Forageplus


Terry is a passionate endurance rider who trains horses for endurance competition up to FEI level.  He and his horses live in North Wales, near Chester in the United Kingdom. His crew is his partner Amanda Jones, who is a demon with the slosh bottle, stethoscope and heart rate monitor.

He says:

I love being involved with Forageplus and have known Sarah for many years because of endurance and barefoot horses.  I train all my horses without shoes and haven’t shod a horse for endurance competition for many years

We have seen a big difference in the performance and results of our endurance horses since we started using Forageplus and a philosophy of balancing minerals to the grass and haylage our competition horses eat.

All of our horses descend from the foundation Bahrain breeding program so it would be an honor for us to present our horses to the King and also demonstrate how they can compete at the highest levels completely barefoot.

Our two chestnuts, stallion Bonanza and Nasser successfully completed their 80k qualification ride at Lindum in 2015 and Nasser won the barefoot trophy resulting in them becoming advanced endurance horses.

Also in 2015 our very experienced advanced horse Medraar completed his first 1* CEI ride at Keysoe in Bedfordshire. He finished in 3rd place. This was an international race qualified us to ride in front of the Queen at Royal Windsor. This was the icing on the cake for me and my barefoot horse Medraar who has completed over 3000km barefoot.

All our horses have had full mineral support from Forageplus for the past 3 years. We are extremely fortunate to be sponsored and supported by Forageplus who have been vital in providing nutritional support for all our competition horses and their changing needs.

All our horses compete barefoot and are powered by Forageplus, in every endurance ride we do.

This is testament to the power of a forage focused approach to balancing minerals in our horse’s diets.

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If you want to follow Terry and his endurance horses you can find them as TAJ Performance Horses on Facebook and Twitter





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