The Egusin Concept Helping Ulcer Prone Horses


EGUSIN SLH® powder & EGUSIN 250® pellets are natural dietetic feed supplements which have been demonstrated to be beneficial in promoting a healthy stomach and an aid in preventing the destruction of the stomach lining associated with gastro-intestinal disorders.

Egusin products help support ulcer prone horses, affect all parts of the digestive tract, stomach fore and hind gut.

EGUSIN® supplements contain a combination of ingredients that not only address the primary causes of gastro-intestinal disturbances but also avoid the recurrence of ulcers in horses.

Egusin SLH for ulcer prone horses

How does Egusin help your horse’s digestive system?

Neutralise excess gastric acid

Antacids – are known to be gastric acid neutralizing buffers which provide instant and sustained neutralisation of excess corrosive gastric acid.  This protects the stomach lining against destruction and the formation of ulcers in horses.

Protect and coat gastric mucosa

Pectin acts as a barrier for the gastric mucosal membranes against excess gastric acid. Beta-glucan gels in the stomach act as a coating for the stomach lining. Lecithin, a phospholipid, protects the hydrophobic lining of the gastric mucosal membranes and epithelial surfaces against destruction from corrosive gastric acid and aids in re-establishing the stomach lining. Lecithin also contains natural antioxidants which aid in protecting the muscle cells from degradation by free radicals.

Stabilise intestinal function

Both SLH and 250 contain dietetic soluble fibers which improve and stabilise function of the stomach and colon as well as stimulate the appetite.  Micro-milled whole oats (groats) with a high content of fibers have a positive dietetic impact on the intestinal system.

Promote intestinal digestion

Insoluble oat fibers delay the stomach emptying which can aid in preventing gastrointestinal disorders.  Both products are rich in fibre which increases the viscosity of the intestinal content.

Bind Toxins

Dietetic fibres bind to gram-negative bacteria and pectin binds to toxins that can contribute to diarrhea.

In addition horses love the taste of the Egusin products making administering them easy and efficient.  Both products contain no prohibited drugs.

Research into the Egusin products

Research carried out by Dr Frank Andrews at Louisiana State University into the Egusin products found during the first 21 day treatment period there was dramatic reduction in the EGUS score and ulcer severity for horses in both the Egusin® SLH and Egusin® 250 treated groups, as is illustrated in the endoscopic images below.

LSU Egusin Study Figure 1

LSU Research Egusin Figure 2

The control animals on this study demonstrated an unexpected resolution of much less severe ulcers than those shown above  (which the study leader, Dr. Frank Andrews, indicated he had never seen before, and for which he had no explanation).  The resulting evaluations then were not statistically significant so to address this “control anomaly,” a second week of feed deprivation and a subsequent additional week of treatments were added, which is presented in the graphs below.

EGUS score LSU ResearchLSU EGUS Research Nonglandular NumberLSU EGUS Research Nonglandular Severity

As can be seen in these graphs, the control groups “behaved as expected” after the 4th week feed deprivation period and the treated groups achieved the same level of performance of the 21 day treatment after only 7 days.


Gastric ulcer scores significantly increased in all groups on week 4, after the feed-deprivation period indicating that the model of ulcer induction was successful.  Gastric ulcer scores decreased significantly in SLH and 250-treated horses after 5 weeks of treatment when compared to untreated controls.  Partial pressure of CO(PCO2) was significantly increased 2 hours after administration of the EGUSIN® supplements, but there was no significant increase in bicarbonate or total CO2 in any treatment groups.  Gastric juice pH remained low and did not change significantly over the treatment periods.

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