Using Forageplus Horse Feed Service – What Steps Should I take?

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Using Forageplus horse feed service is easy. Horse owners can use our ‘forage focused’™ equine balancers without any kind of analysis or your can use our range of analysis services for a more bespoke horse feed service.

Feed Plans for Horses Forageplus

If you want to feed our equine balancers because you can’t carry out analysis of your horse hay or grass then you can find out more about them in these posts:

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Using Forageplus for a more bespoke horse feed service

If you want a more bespoke horse feed service or to check that our equine balancers match the hay or grass you are feeding then just use the following steps.

Step 1

First of all purchase the scientific analysis you require e.g. full analysis, mineral analysis, hay analysis etc.  (The reports take around 10-14 days to be completed) or send us a copy of one you have had carried out elsewhere.

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Step 2

Let us look at the reports and advise whether you need a feed plan. Many horse owners don’t need to go this far as their reports often match our ‘forage focused’™ equine balancers with just a few additions like a small amount more copper and zinc or a slightly larger amount of magnesium.

If however you have an unusual forage report which falls outside our statistical average or you just want a more bespoke approach then purchase a feed plan for a first horse.  Other horses after the first plan will be classed as second horse feed plans. We will then create a feed plan from the reports and information you give us about your horse. We will interpret the report figures and calculate a nutritional horse feed programme and bespoke supplement recipe matched to the forage for your horse’s health, weight and work level.

The plan gives you a choice of feeding scoop amounts of each item each day or using a batch mix recipe.  The plan includes instructions and amounts for making bulk mineral batches to make feeding easier. Our horse feed service plans take around 10-14 days to be completed.

Step 3

You’ll then receive the feed plan and be able to purchase the correct minerals and supplements as recommended in the feed plan.

You can ask as many questions as you like about the plan although because we like see you as the most important member of your horse’s team we will already have spent time collecting information from you so the plan is just what you and your horse need.

All our products are shipped to be received in the UK within 1 working day if the order is placed before 1pm at Forageplus, we also ship to many destinations in Europe.  If you don’t see your country listed then please contact us for more information.

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