Vicky Western – Forageplus Employee

Vicky Western – Forageplus employee works in the office, taking your telephone orders and messages, processing orders for supplements and analysis, tracking orders and packing your supplements in the warehouse.

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She is pretty horse mad and tells you below about how she became passionate about all things equine.

I have always had an interest in horses and had sat on a friend’s horse once or twice but nothing more until I was 19 where I began to ride more regularly on another friend’s horses starting off by hacking out on her older horse and then progressing to schooling on another one of her horses.

This is what really triggered off my desire to want to own my own horse and be able to progress together. I then bought my first horse when I was 20, and we are still developing today. I bought him as a 4 year old grey gelding, just backed .. what was I thinking? He certainly lived up to his name of ‘Hot Rock Entertainer’, but I prefer to call him Ronnie (it’s a lot shorter!) and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I would maybe ask him to stay a bit cleaner but we can’t expect miracles!

We begun to have lessons after a few weeks of hacking out and it was from these that I decided to go down the dressage route whilst doing show jumping and cross country for fun. He has since qualified and been placed 9th in the British Dressage Novice Restricted Summer Regional’s at Somerford Park in 2015 and 7th at the Novice Restricted Winter Regional’s 2015 at Myerscough College. Has also had a Team 4th in the under 25’s section at the first Team Quest finals down at Bury Farm in 2014.

I then thought about mixing it up and started doing some unaffiliated One Day Events for fun but it turns out Ronnie is quite a dab-hand (hoof!) and can turn his hoof to a number of disciplines where I have been successful being in the top 5 each outing and I have now just entered my first BE 80.

I am currently a sponsored rider of Laura Sian Photography, where she accompanies me to events and allows me to take pride in my wonderful horse by taking marvelous pictures of us – showing improvement and our bond growing in pictures between events and over time.

I have been both inspired and pushed by my local riding club. Since owning Ronnie I have always been part of the local riding club Flint and Denbigh. Three years ago I decided competing wasn’t enough and I wanted to be a part of the workings of the club and to help support others coming into the sport. So I became a committee member of the riding club, whilst giving my all and getting involved in the organising of teams, competitions and events some of the most successful ones being the Xpress Eventing and Camp that I held at Mostyn, North Wales.

You don’t have to have owned horses all your life to go out and achieve success and laughter. If you want it, go out and get it. That is what I did, and in the process I have made many friends along the way, both two legged and four legged.

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