Welcome to the Forageplus Horse Health Community

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Welcome to the Forageplus horse health community where we focus on sharing information to help you create a functional and healthy horse.

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Welcome to the Forageplus Horse Health Community

We believe that learning is our journey, the whole horse our passion. Forageplus has a commitment to sharing that journey, sharing that passion and sharing our knowledge with equine owners so that they can then choose the best care for their horses.

We aim:

To promote whole horse health using the ideas of the leading horse educators around the world.

To create value and make a difference to equines and their horse owners through good science and information that works.

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Whilst you are here maybe you would like to read some of our articles, or find out about using Forageplus and our horse feeding philosophy. Please find some links below which will lead you to just some of the information which we share for the benefit of all horses and owners.

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